Conference  /  27. September 2023, 09:00-17:00

​InnoFrugal Germany 2023 – Research Day​​

​Simple, affordable, sustainable solutions for a complex world in crisis​

​​​The InnoFrugal conference returns to Germany for its second edition. Experts from science and industry will use practical examples and current scientific findings to present how companies can create high-quality solutions at affordable prices. The two-day conference is organised by the Centre for Frugal Products and Manufacturing Systems at Fraunhofer IAO and IPA in Stuttgart. On the first day, the science community will exchange information in English, while the second day of the conference will be held in German and is aimed at companies from industry.​​

Frugal innovations are deliberately focused on delivering optimal solutions to cost-sensitive target audiences. These solutions strategically reduce features and performance, providing affordable options that maintain high quality and sustainability. This stringent focus presents a positive challenge, honing our understanding of what truly matters to customers and what they are willing to forgo. Frugal innovations go beyond being merely "good enough" and offer unique features that captivate their target audience.

A meet-and-greet with renowned frugal innovation experts

The first day of the InnoFrugal Germany Conference targets the international scientific community. We invite esteemed speakers from the world of research such as Jaideep Prabhu (University of Cambridge, U.K.), Alexander Brem (University of Stuttgart, Germany) and Allan A. Báez Morales (University of Santa Clara, U.S.) to share their expertise and shed light on the success stories of frugal innovation in various fields. The event will focus on how frugal innovation can play a critical role in transforming the global economy and contributing to sustainable development. We aim to create a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and knowledge exchange among scholars, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and social innovators to foster innovative thinking and inspire action.

​The FRANCIS project: Insights from an EU-funded project

​We are thrilled to discuss first results and insights from the EU-funded project FRANCIS, which aims to explore the dynamic synergy between frugal innovation and citizen science. Through online idea challenges, we currently explore how these two powerful concepts can harmoniously collaborate to empower marginalized target groups. FRANCIS showcases how frugal innovation principles can be harnessed to co-create impactful solutions with communities traditionally excluded from the innovation process.

​​InnoFrugal Germany 2023 presents a unique opportunity for the scientific community to gain firsthand insights into frugal innovation. Join us to connect with experts from both industry and research, seek answers to pressing questions, envision future steps in your scientific endeavors, and establish valuable connections within your field.

​The second day will offer various activities, including keynote speeches, presentations, discussions, lab-tours with exhibits and demonstrators, as well as networking opportunities. The day will conclude with an informal networking session, allowing attendees to engage with fellow researchers and exchange ideas.


The event is aimed at

​Researchers, Grassroots Entrepreneuers, Non-Profit Organisations