DigitalDialog  /  18. Oktober 2023, 10:30 - 11:30 Uhr

From Quantum Awareness to Readiness

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Quantum Technologies are not only high on the research agenda – with the commercial availability of Quantum Computers, companies are increasingly asking themselves how they can use this technology beneficially in the future. However, the mode of operation and principles of Quantum Computing differ significantly in some respects from those of Classical Computer Science. 

In this DigitalDialog, experts from Fraunhofer IAO will explain how companies can already prepare for the use of Quantum Technology today and where they need to start in concrete terms. In addition, participants will discuss the role of different application areas for the development of Quantum Software and how the exchange between industry and research can significantly advance this development.


The event is aimed at

Company representatives from management, R&D/innovation management.