Webinar  /  19. November 2021, 15:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Urban Water Management for Climate Resilience

4th Public Expertise Building Webinar of the Morgenstadt Global Smart City Initiative

In this webinar, we will to take a closer look at the water sector and its importance to build urban climate resilience. Cities across the globe are increasingly facing water-related issues, like flooding, depletion, pollution or droughts. What approaches and best practices are being used to manage these and make water available as a local resource? What data is available and how can it be used in urban planning? Join the MGI consortia and our partner cities in Kochi (India), Saltillo (Mexico), and Piura (Peru) to learn more and discuss these and further aspects with an international expert panel.


The MGI Webinar Series

The Morgenstadt Global Smart Cities Initiative (MGI) is hosting a series of public webinars based on the main topics of the City Labs in the three pilot cities Kochi (India), Saltillo (Mexico) and Piura (Peru). The objective is to facilitate knowledge exchange in the field of urban climate protection and climate change mitigation on a global scale.


The event is aimed at

Municipal administrations and public sector entities, academia, private sector. The webinar will take place in English. Due to an expected large audience from Latin America, a translated slide deck in Spanish will be made available.