Workspace Innovation Lab

Research topics

 In the Workspace Innovation Lab, we study the effects of different environmental situations and working practices on the performance, motivation, and well-being of office and knowledge workers. The main factors affecting workers are as follows:

  • Environmental conditions in the workplace, such as lighting, air quality, acoustics, design, etc.
  • Information and communication technologies, e.g. tools and equipment for adaptable workstations
  • Organization; above all, flexible working times and locations
  • Work requirements such as tasks, concentration, communication, etc.
  • Individual lifestyle


In this laboratory, different spatial and technological working situations and environments as they exist in office buildings today and above all in the future (for work that involves talking to others vs. working in silence, working alone vs. project work, etc.) are tangibly demonstrated in conjunction with multi-location working scenarios (working from home, while on the move, in a co-working center, on the customer’s premises, etc.). The Workspace Innovation Lab is designed to be a lived-in laboratory, where the latest questions, concepts, and products relating to office and knowledge work are investigated, evaluated, and developed in concrete usage contexts. This experimental platform allows researchers to model and study virtually all aspects of a workplace with flexible working times and locations.