Mobility Innovation Lab

Research topics

Continually evolving mobility is shaping our world in a big way. An increasingly digitalized, modern society coupled with technological developments are driving forces that will radically change current mobility systems. This calls for innovative ideas and concepts that are both sustainable and appeal to the masses.

A technology with tremendous potential to transform the world as we know it is automated driving. It provides innovative opportunities for vehicle use and promises increased comfort, safety and sales prospects.

Through bilateral projects and innovation networks with industry and local community partners, the Mobility Innovation Lab at Fraunhofer IAO is working on ways to implement visionary and application-oriented ideas for future mobility.


The Mobility Innovation Lab combines different research areas to gain a holistic understanding of tomorrow’s mobility systems.

A key focus in the field of electromobility is the design of micromobility solutions and their integration in intermodal journeys.

In automated driving, solutions are being developed for the interaction between self-driving vehicles with conventional road users in mixed urban traffic.

These solutions can be tested in a virtual reality environment and demonstrated using prototypes built in the rapid prototyping process. Viable solutions for new mobility concepts and services for the automotive sector in the areas of connectivity, automation, sharing and electrification are being developed in workshops conducted with stakeholders from industry, politics and business.