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Participation in construction

In the construction industry, virtual reality (VR) enables new forms of communication and participation. The target groups are mainly the later users of the buildings but also the public (citizen participation). 


Office environments

The Workspace Innovation Lab investigates the effects of different environmental situations and working methods on the performance, motivation and well-being of office and knowledge workers. 



What does the hotel of the future look like? This is the question the Fraunhofer IAO is pursuing together with economic partners from the hotel industry within the framework of the innovation network "FutureHotel". 


Future Work Lab

The Future Work Lab is a living innovation lab that brings the industrial work of the future to life. The laboratory's services are based on three pillars: The demonstrator world, the learning world "Fit for the work of the future" and the world of ideas. 


Micro Smart Grid

A Micro Smart Grid was set up at the Stuttgart Institute Center with the aim of using local renewable energy sources for charging electric vehicles and at the same time establishing and optimizing local energy management. 


Shaping Future

The success of innovations depends not only on feasibility, but also on social acceptance. In order to involve society at an early stage, there is a new type of participatory process model. 


Center for Virtual Engineering ZVE

Laboratory equipment and office infrastructure at international top level. Our scientists there research the foundations for important topics such as the city, mobility and digitization.