Range of Services

A knowledge advantage with a practical edge

Fraunhofer IAO brings together the latest observations and scientific findings on human factors and ergonomics and systematically applies them in real-life settings. In collaboration with our clients, we strive to boost innovative potential, increase the efficiency of work processes, and enhance the quality of products and services. The services we offer fall into the following categories:

People and the working environment

Fraunhofer IAO sets the benchmark for establishing modern-day worlds of work that are scientifically conceived and practically defined. Our wide-ranging expertise is unique in Germany and allows our institute to provide company-specific solutions for designing workplaces and innovative work models or planning entire development centers.

People and services

As a pioneer of service research in Germany, Fraunhofer IAO uses its knowledge advantage to assist all kinds of companies. We apply scientific principles to create successful business ideas in a process called service engineering. Our innovative ServLab is the only one of its kind in the world, offering companies a platform for developing, testing and designing services.

People and innovation

Innovation is crucial to success for research-intensive companies. Fraunhofer IAO helps its customers to systematically improve their R&D activities and technology and innovation management, as well as to open up new market segments.

People and IT

Selecting the right IT solutions has a significant impact on business success. On behalf of its customers, Fraunhofer IAO researches and develops tailor-made and secure IT solutions for versatile applications. By always putting the user at the center, we ensure their IT products support the customer’s work processes in the best way possible.

People and mobility

Mobility is currently in a state of rapid change. Fraunhofer IAO takes a holistic view of the subject: We determine people’s mobility preferences, both now and for the future, identify the technologies required to meet these preferences, implement appropriate IT solutions and develop sustainable business models.

People and organizations

The success of a company or an institution depends heavily on three closely interlinked factors: the human workforce, the information and communication technologies used by employees, and the structures and processes within which the workforce operates. Fraunhofer IAO’s core competencies include the ability to consider this interaction holistically and to design the best possible solution.

People and manufacturing

Efficient processes are the key to competitiveness, whether at the product development, product planning or product manufacturing stage. To optimize value creation for manufacturing companies, Fraunhofer IAO analyses the implications of megatrends such as digitization on the mix of people, technology and company.

People and the city

Innovative concepts for tomorrow's cities represent one of the largest markets of the future. Fraunhofer IAO views cities as complex and holistic systems. Together with forward-looking stakeholders, we develop system innovations to make cities sustainable and resilient.

People and corporate development

Companies and organizations have to weigh up many different aspects when planning their medium-term and long-term development. Fraunhofer IAO supports its customers by taking a holistic approach. With innovative tools and methods, our experts are able to recognize trends and developments in technology, markets and society early on, evaluate them and use the findings for strategic purposes.