Fraunhofer IAO as an employer

We conduct research that has practical applications#

We are...

  • the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO and
  • our partner, the University of Stuttgart’s Institute of Human Factors and Technology Management IAT
  • part of Fraunhofer, Europe’s leading network for applied research with 75 institutes and research institutions

Our research and development work for the private and public sectors helps ensure...#

  • a better future
  • innovation and growth
  • sustainable growth of our environment and society

Thanks to our close cooperation with the IAT, we are able to combine university-level basic research, application-oriented science, and business practice.

An excellent research environment for your ideas#

Only those who forge new paths can shape the future. With us, you can translate your scientific findings into tangible products and services, thus making a significant contribution to growth, competitiveness and employment...

  • scientific excellence and opportunities for applied research
  • interdisciplinary teamwork and freedom to conduct your own research
  • interesting industry partners and access to a scientific network
  • a creative environment and cutting-edge technology
  • excellent research conditions and flexible work arrangements
  • a springboard into the world of business and a career in science

Personal development and equal opportunities Professional development and equal opportunities#

We help you grow professionally and personally through...

  • numerous educational and training offers
  • challenging tasks to build your competencies
  • option of earning a doctorate
  • diversity and equal opportunities
  • active support for spin-offs
  • flexible work hours and work arrangements
  • support for parents


Latest studies by Kununu, trendence and Universum show that not only does Fraunhofer stand for top-level research; it is also one of the most popular employers in Germany. We are proud of our top positions in the rankings and do everything we can to become even better.