Smart Energy and Mobility Solutions

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The LamA project – charging points at the workplace

The LamA project focuses on the provision of charging points at the workplace.



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The Smart Energy and Mobility Solutions Research Unit is organized in the following teams:


Energy Innovation

The Energy Innovation team works on national and international research projects for industry in the fields of electromobility, battery-charging infrastructure and energy systems. We aim to assist companies, municipal stakeholders and intermediary organizations in evaluating, developing and implementing innovative solutions and business models.


Smart Energy Systems

The Smart Energy Systems team researches and develops IT solutions as well as concepts and methods for the design, optimization and forecast-based operation of connected energy systems involving electromobility.


Cognitive IoT Applications

Our Cognitive IoT Applications team designs intelligent services and platforms based on data from processes, products, infrastructures and sensors – particularly for the development, manufacture and operation of connected products and systems.