Annual Report 2021/22

Sustainable transformation — how we are future-proofing the economy and society

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Germany aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 65% by 2030 — achieving climate neutrality by 2045. But how can these targets be met? For many years now, Fraunhofer IAO has been working on how to shape this transformation process in a positive way. The need for change has never been greater: Climate change is forcing us to radically rethink the way we live. Another driver of transformation is digitalization, which is rapidly revolutionizing every aspect of life. In this Annual Report, we will show you how sustainability can be achieved in different areas using a few examples.


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Meet the experts

Five of the institute’s scientists tell us about their research work.


Research commissioned by customers

Read our project reports to discover the different challenges faced by our customers and the solutions that they developed and implemented with our researchers.


Companies and climate protection

The path to a climate-neutral world of work is not a straightforward one — there are enormous challenges that society must address and companies need to be part of the solution. Whoever embraces the change will have an advantage.


Keeping pace with the future

The job market is changing rapidly. Fraunhofer IAO is supporting both companies and workers to stay ahead by means of continuing professional development and the development of new fields of expertise.


A road map for a hybrid world of work

How will we work in a post-Covid-19 world? Fraunhofer IAO has succeeded in finding exciting answers to this question with the help of an innovative network project.


Towards the city of the future

Fraunhofer IAO is developing future scenarios and concrete solutions for sustainable and resilient future urban and mobility systems.

Latest developments

From charging infrastructure to quantum computers to podcast series — an overview of the latest developments.

Annual reports

Our annual report provides insights into our projects, research topics, publications and goals, but also into our working methods and the people behind them.


Annual report 2021/22

Here you can order the summary of the current annual report in printed form (in German only) or download it as a PDF (in German only).