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A professional and trusted partner

Fraunhofer IAO cooperates closely with the Institute of Human Factors and Technology Management IAT at the University of Stuttgart. On numerous occasions, our researchers have worked together at the interface between university research and industrial application – on projects directly for industry clients or as part of publicly funded research projects.


Applied and university research

Research areas

Researchers in the field of technology management investigate the best ways to plan, design, test, refine and implement technical products and processes, examining these issues from the perspectives of people, companies and the environment. The goal of human factors research is to systematically analyze and optimize the technical, organizational and social conditions of work processes.

By taking a holistic approach and applying both engineering and human factors methodologies, Fraunhofer IAO and the IAT explore how we will live and work in the future.

Their goals include

  • designing work processes to be flexible, efficient and economical
  • supporting employees and enhancing their performance by providing modern, safe, and ergonomically designed work environments in both office and production settings
  • improving user acceptance of new technologies
  • providing support in developing products in line with ergonomic principles
  • promoting integrated product and production engineering.