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  • Fraunhofer IAO and Women in AI & Robotics begin long-term collaboration at the Heilbronn site / 2023

    Supporting women at the forefront of AI in Heilbronn

    Press release / May 23, 2023

    © Women in AI and Robotics / unsplash

    Fraunhofer IAO and the non-profit association Women in AI & Robotics are joining forces by launching their new collaboration and founding the “Heilbronn Chapter” to support women in the AI and robotics fields in the Heilbronn-Franconia region.

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  • White paper by Horváth and Fraunhofer IAO provides recommendations for a circular wind power industry / 2023

    Ramp-up of wind power industry

    News / May 17, 2023

    How can we succeed in transforming the energy landscape? Key technologies such as wind energy always consume large amounts of materials. Using wind energy as an example, the white paper by Horváth in cooperation with Fraunhofer IAO provides high-level recommendations on how the energy sector can manage the transformation towards a sustainable circular economy.

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  • Fraunhofer IAO coordinates international consortium for sweeping transformation of cities / 2023

    UP: toward climate-neutral cities by 2030

    News / April 25, 2023

    © DReVen BV

    To help cities achieve the EU’s climate neutrality goals by 2030, an international consortium is trialling a full-scale transformation strategy within the scope of the UP2030 project. The needs, obstacles and motivating forces on the path toward neutrality will be identified in eight pilot cities across Europe, and the results prepared for transfer to other cities.

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  • Quantum & AI Experience Center (Q.AX) opening ceremony in Ehningen / 2023

    Milestone for a flourishing innovation ecosystem

    Press release / April 18, 2023

    © Fraunhofer IAO | Ludmilla Parsyak

    In opening the Quantum & AI Experience Center, we have reached yet another milestone on the path to establishing a local and regional campus ecosystem. As a “nucleus” and shared cooperation space for the regional quantum computing and technologies community, it will make AI and quantum computing come alive through the use of demonstrators, training, specialist conferences and events. Companies will also be able to harness the potential of this technology thanks to the center.

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  • Institute director advises Ministry of Economics as expert on research and innovation policy issues. / 2023

    Professor Katharina Hölzle appointed new Technology Officer to the Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism of the State of Baden-Württemberg

    Press release / April 03, 2023

    Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle, Director of the Fraunhofer IAO and the Institute of Human Factors and Technology Management IAT at the University of Stuttgart, has been appointed Technology Officer of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism. As an expert, Prof. Hölzle wants to contribute to making the economy in Baden-Württemberg future-proof, resilient and sustainable.

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  • Study by Fraunhofer IAO and GCB German Convention Bureau e. V. demonstrates transforming role of business events / 2023

    Business events in flux

    Press release / March 16, 2023

    Why will people attend in-person events in future and what added value will they gain from them? As part of a study, the Future Meeting Space innovation network provides answers to these questions and more, as well as offering practical recommendations for action. Equipped with its findings, the network is moving on to its next phase of research and tackling the question of the changing role of business events at a time when multiple challenges are emerging simultaneously.

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  • Fraunhofer IAO and Ozean Group GmbH to open an innovation center for quantum and AI technologies in Ehningen / 2023

    Ehningen: the center of the quantum era in Baden-Württemberg

    Press release / February 13, 2023

    © Shutterstock

    What fields of application and potential can quantum computing and artificial intelligence unlock for Baden-Württemberg? On behalf of Ozean Group GmbH, Fraunhofer IAO is working alongside its partners to open an innovation center for quantum and AI technologies in Ehningen. The opening ceremony for the already awarded Q.AX will take place on April 18, 2023.

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  • Fraunhofer IAO launches new Museum Innovation Network / 2022

    Research network a hotbed of ideas for museums and cultural institutions

    News / December 13, 2022

    © Deniz Saylan

    With the new Museum Innovation Network, Fraunhofer IAO wants to work together with museums and cultural institutions to develop strategies and propose solutions to promote pioneering innovations in the sector. Members of the network hailing from the worlds of culture, research and business hold interdisciplinary project meetings to discuss the relevant issues, before trying out new concepts and technologies in the field.

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  • Fraunhofer IAO is investigating the human-robot interaction in public spaces / 2022

    How robots can provide positive service experiences

    News / November 30, 2022

    © Universität Ulm

    What will human-robot interaction in public spaces look like in the future? Fraunhofer IAO is exploring this question in the ZEN-MRI project in cooperation with partners from science and industry and the city of Ulm. The project addresses the ethical, legal, psychological and technical aspects. The tests are taking place in the center of Ulm.

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  • A pioneer for innovative international hotel solutions / 2022

    The FutureHotel innovation network at Fraunhofer IAO enters its seventh research phase

    News / October 27, 2022

    © gee-ly Zürich und Fraunhofer IAO | Design: LAVA

    What role will hotels play in the future? How can they respond to current challenges? Now, as it begins research phase VII, the FutureHotel innovation network is opening up to the international hotel industry and developing specific use cases for areas such as sustainability, digital business models, smart hotels and new work.

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