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  • Fraunhofer IAO launches new Museum Innovation Network / 2022

    Research network a hotbed of ideas for museums and cultural institutions

    News / December 13, 2022

    © Deniz Saylan

    With the new Museum Innovation Network, Fraunhofer IAO wants to work together with museums and cultural institutions to develop strategies and propose solutions to promote pioneering innovations in the sector. Members of the network hailing from the worlds of culture, research and business hold interdisciplinary project meetings to discuss the relevant issues, before trying out new concepts and technologies in the field.

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  • Fraunhofer IAO is investigating the human-robot interaction in public spaces / 2022

    How robots can provide positive service experiences

    News / November 30, 2022

    © Universität Ulm

    What will human-robot interaction in public spaces look like in the future? Fraunhofer IAO is exploring this question in the ZEN-MRI project in cooperation with partners from science and industry and the city of Ulm. The project addresses the ethical, legal, psychological and technical aspects. The tests are taking place in the center of Ulm.

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  • A pioneer for innovative international hotel solutions / 2022

    The FutureHotel innovation network at Fraunhofer IAO enters its seventh research phase

    News / October 27, 2022

    © gee-ly Zürich und Fraunhofer IAO | Design: LAVA

    What role will hotels play in the future? How can they respond to current challenges? Now, as it begins research phase VII, the FutureHotel innovation network is opening up to the international hotel industry and developing specific use cases for areas such as sustainability, digital business models, smart hotels and new work.

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  • Fraunhofer Morgenstadt Initiative's new work program on designing sustainable smart cities / 2022

    Prospects for the climate-neutral and smart city of the future

    News / October 21, 2022

    © LAVA

    The Fraunhofer Morgenstadt Initiative has placed its new work program 2022–2023 under the motto “the sustainable smart city” in order to highlight solutions and transformation pathways for CO2-neutral, livable and resilient cities. All actions ranging from digitalization to sustainability have a focus on population-centric implementation and being socially compatible.

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  • As crises loom over the coming months, Fraunhofer IAO will conduct a survey on how employees work together and where they work, and deliver projections on how the future will unfold. / 2022

    Survey on how we work together and where we work in times of crisis

    News / October 19, 2022

    © artbesouro – AdobeStock | Fraunhofer-IAO

    What lessons can we draw from the past two and a half years to help us work together throughout the coming fall and winter? And what does the impending energy crisis mean for our new way of working? These questions and more are the subject of a Fraunhofer IAO survey that will, among other things, provide a course of action for the coming winter crisis.

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  • Study highlights volunteers’ needs in the field of digital learning / 2022

    Digital learning formats for volunteers and non-profit organizations

    Press release / September 27, 2022

    The University of Stuttgart Institute of Human Factors and Technology Management IAT, Fraunhofer IAO and ver.di b+b have collaboratively published a study on learners’ needs and preconditions for digitally supported learning for statutory employee representation volunteers, including staff and works councils members. The study provides answers to the key question how digitally supported learning environments can be developed for statutory employee representatives and other (voluntary) employees of non-profit organizations with similar working conditions.

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  • As part of the AHFE Conference in New York, Fraunhofer IAO presented research approaches for sustainability and AI that have a wide range of applications / 2022

    Internationally recognized applied work research

    News / August 17, 2022

    With one Best Paper Award and two Honorable Mention Papers 2022, Fraunhofer IAO can look back on a successful outcome at the Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics Conference (AHFE), which took place on July 24–28, 2022. As well as contributing papers to the conference, Fraunhofer IAO also acted as the chair.

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  • Fraunhofer IAO has found a way to interact with virtual characters using a mobile LED wall / 2022

    Joseph von Fraunhofer: brought back to life in the form of an avatar!

    Press release / August 03, 2022

    Using AI-based speech analysis and gaming technologies for real-time rendering for visualization, Fraunhofer IAO has developed a digital twin of the namesake of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Joseph von Fraunhofer, which it presented for the first time at the second Stuttgart Science Festival. The avatar shows, for example, the various possible applications of these surprisingly lifelike virtual characters in the future metaverse.

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  • Fraunhofer IAO and Fraunhofer IAF refining a successful quantum computing training program / 2022

    From quantum awareness to quantum readiness with successful transfer of expertise

    Press release / July 21, 2022

    To ensure that the key technology of quantum computing becomes established in the German economy as quickly as possible, Fraunhofer IAO and Fraunhofer IAF are refining their quantum computing training program for participants from industry and research and playing an active part in the growing innovation ecosystem in Ehningen near Stuttgart.

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  • Fraunhofer IAO study lays out scenarios for designing an office working world that is ready for the future / 2022

    Beyond multispace: the changing working and office environment

    Press release / June 27, 2022

    How will office and knowledge work change in the coming years, and what impact will these changes have on the working environment? In the new “Beyond multispace” study from the Office 21® innovation network, Fraunhofer IAO provides forward-thinking perspectives on office environments, based on the altered requirements for office spaces and buildings in the urban context between now and 2030.

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