Organisational Development and Work Design

All our consulting and implementation projects aim to make companies more responsive, more innovative and productive by putting in place the ideal conditions for good performance and sustainable employment for their staff.

Service and Human Resources Management Systems

Research and consulting projects for the management of services and HR must prioritize objectives and implementation.

Human-Technology interaction

In our research, we work on solutions that facilitate efficient interaction between people and smart technology. We create people-oriented innovation processes and develop IT security concepts tailored to specific needs.

Digital Business

In the scope of multiple project and research initiatives, our Digital Business researchers develop and test new methods and intelligent IT solutions that benefit companies and society as a whole.

Cognitive Engineering and Production

Our research focuses on innovations that use virtual and augmented reality to make product development and the production process more efficient, creative and connected.

Urban Systems Engineering

In the scope of diverse research projects, the teams of scientists in Urban Systems Engineering establish methods of analysis and design with respect to the cities and towns in which people will live and work in the generation ahead.

Mobility and Innovation Systems

During our research projects, we establish real-world solutions and methods to generate, design, introduce and assess new product, process and service innovations as part of the transition to future mobility.

Cognitive Service Systems

Value creation: using digital technologies to shape the future.

Responsible Research and Innovation

In the scope of our research, we systematically examine societal implications, incorporate various perspectives and shape the future in cooperation with other stakeholders within a system of innovation.


In the IAO store, you can find Fraunhofer IAO publications; you can order most of them immediately online.

The database »Fraunhofer-Publica« documents the research-related publications and patents of the Fraunhofer institutes.


Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research

As an expert partner that uniquely combines socioeconomic ans sociotechnical research, the Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research offers support to stakeholders in business, government and society