Visual Technologies Lab

Research topics

 In the Visual Technologies Lab, Fraunhofer IAO researches all manner of technologies and applications to do with vision. The researchers focus on two main topics of interest.

The first of these goes by the working title of Light Fusion Research. Here, researchers are investigating the potential of new lighting technologies to achieve new quality of light – both in the workplace and in other areas of life. This is yielding concepts and solutions that have a real positive impact both on our working environment and our overall quality of life. In turn, this means improved health, an increased sense of wellbeing – and ultimately more productivity.

In Interactive Surfaces and Spaces, the second area of interest, Fraunhofer IAO is conducting research into new interactive systems that employ 2D and 3D display and interaction technology. Concentrating on users’ needs and preferences, the researchers are developing concepts and systems that facilitate clear, transparent and ergonomic human-computer interaction. The user interface is a crucial part of any ICT system, and this research is making sure they meet the requirements of our digitalized age. 


Scientists at the Visual Technologies Lab create, evaluate and showcase prototypes of lighting and interactive environments, continually refining them as they go. Their work showcases the latest trends and research findings, from Virtual Sky and Xtended Workdesk, to the high-definition FusionWall and the interactive ProTable for meeting and project spaces. The Visual Technologies Lab is equipped with the full range of light measurement technology, an electronics laboratory and software tools for the simulation and prototyping of photonic and electronic systems.