The joint research project »FutureHotel«

The FutureHotel project is dedicated to addressing central questions related to the hotel of the future. Together with partners from the hospitality sector, Fraunhofer IAO is researching key developments and their repercussions for the sector. Analysis takes into account the different types of guests and their specific requirements as well as ways of optimizing hospitality management and operations. The researchers are aiming to find new, forward-looking solutions for the various hotel facilities – including not only the guest rooms, but also reception areas and conference facilities. In doing so, they consider technological innovations alongside the economic, ecological and social perspectives.

The »FutureHotel« showcase – implemented in the inHaus2 in Duisburg – is used to showcase and test groundbreaking concepts for hotel rooms.

The demonstration platform is used for research work as part of the ‘FutureHotel’ scenario project. The solutions and prototypes developed in the showcase include diverse innovations centered on the hotel of the future. More than 35 business partners were involved in the design and execution.

The project is open to business partners who are interested in innovative solutions for the hospitality industry.