DMS laboratory – real-life testing for document management systems

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Document management systems

Document management systems enable documents to be stored in a structured filing system and distributed efficiently within the company. Work gets done faster because employees can access the information they need more rapidly. Another advantage of such systems is that they help with the digitalization of incoming mail and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Workflow management systems

Workflow management systems provide a rational means of organizing and managing workflows. They reduce the workload on clerical and office staff by relieving them of many time-consuming, routine tasks. Any legal requirements that need to be observed are directly integrated into the workflow.

Real-life testing for potential users in the DMS lab

Fraunhofer IAO has set up a DMS lab in which companies can try out and compare different document management systems. Researchers from the institute are on hand to explain the functions of the installed systems and provide advice where necessary. The lab allows potential users to obtain a first-hand picture of the way these systems work, and to compare their performance on the basis of standardized scenarios. Various usability approaches can also be applied to evaluate the systems at an early stage in the selection process.

Providers of document management systems have the opportunity of integrating their products in the demonstration lab, allowing interested customers to obtain an overview of currently available systems.

The new test lab forms part of the “Corporate Software Usability” competence center, which was established as the institute’s contribution to the “Usability inside” project, which in turn forms part of the government-funded initiative “Simply intuitive – usability for SMEs”.