Peer Reviewed-Publikationen 2022

Ahner, Lena; Neuhüttler, Jens; Gladilov, Nicole Caroline:

An approach for developing and assessing sustainable business models.

In: AHFE International Conference on the Human Side of Service Engineering 2022,  S. 335 - 341.

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Altinalana-Widenka, Lale; Heidingsfelder, Marie Lena:

Strategic Design in Mission-Oriented Innovation Ecosystems: A Tool Approach.

In: ISPIM Innovation Conference "Innovating in a Digital World" 2022, 9 S.


Antuña-Rozado, C.; Wohlfart, Liza; Gandikota, V.; Duderstadt, Henning; Akerman, M.:

How Frugal Innovation can empower citizens to make their life simpler and more sustainable: Insights from two ongoing initiatives.

In: Conference on Emerging Concepts for Sustainable Built Environment 2022, 11 S.

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Antunes, Francisco; Soares Amorim, Marco Raul; Pereira, Francisco; Ribeiro, Bernardete:

Active learning metamodelling for survival rate analysis of simulated emergency medical systems.

In: Transportmetrica. A, Transport Science (2022) Published Online 25. March 2022, 22 S.

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Barwasser, Adrian; Lentes, Joachim; Riedel, Oliver; Zimmermann, Nikolas; Dangelmaier, Manfred; Zhang, Jingyi:

Method for the development of Software-Defined Manufacturing equipment.

In: International Journal of Production Research (2022) Online First, 18 S.

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Bauer, Wilhelm; Link, Maike; Ganz, Walter:

Arbeitsplatznahe Kompetenzentwicklung gestalten: Gestaltungskriterien für den Einsatz digitaler Assistenzsysteme zur arbeitsplatznahen Kompetenzentwicklung.

In: Industrie 4.0 Management 38 (2022) 2, S. 28 - 32.


Bernsteiner, Angelika; Pollmann, Kathrin; Neuhold, Leopold:

Comparative Study on the Impact of Cultural Background on the Perception of Different Types of Social Robots.

In: International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction 2022 - Late Breaking Posters, S. 517 - 522.

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Bopp-Bertenbreiter, Valeria; Bähr, Sabina; Albrecht, Simon; Freudenmann, Thomas; El-Haji, Mohanad; Martin, Manuel; Anh, Natalya; Rauber, Stephan:

Watch Out Car, He’s Drunk! How Passengers of Vehicles Perceive Risky Crossing Situations Based on Situational Parameters.

In: International Conference on HCI in Mobility, Transport, and Automotive Systems 2022, S. 339 - 354.

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Brändle, Sebastian; Hanussek, Marc; Blohm, Matthias; Kintz, Maximilien:

Evaluation of Representation Models for Text Classification with AutoML Tools.

In: Future Technologies Conference 2021, Vol. 2. 2022, S. 310 - 322.

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Braun, Franziska; Edel, Fabian; Ardilio, Antonino:

Enhancing driver's experience through emotion sensitive lighting interaction.

In: International Conference on Usability and User Experience 2022, S. 371 - 379.

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Breuer, Johannes; Willmann, Jan; Mühlenberend, Andreas; Meißner, Winfried; Arnold, Christin; Baumbach, Philipp:

Interactive graphics for multidimensional pain assessment - a human-centered design and evaluation study with patients suffering from chronic pain.

In: International Conference on Human Interaction & Emerging Technologies: Artificial Intelligence & Future Applications 2022, 12 S.

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Breuer, Johannes; Willmann, Jan; Mühlenberend, Andreas; Meißner, Winfried; Arnold, Christin; Baumbach, Philipp:

Interaktive Grafiken zum individuellen Schmerzausdruck und -dokumentation.

In: Der Schmerz 36 (2022) Supplement Issue: Abstracts zum Deutschen Schmerzkongress 2022, S. 37-38.


Briem, Ann-Kathrin; Ziegler, Daniel; Mathis, Lesley-Ann; Wehner, Daniel:

Sustainable product development by means of personalization - paradox or solution?

In: International Conference on Life Cycle Management 2021, 2022, 6 S.

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Dandekar, Aditya; Mathis, Lesley-Ann; Berger, Melanie; Pfleging, Bastian:

How to Display Vehicle Information to Users of Automated Vehicles when Conducting Non-Driving-Related Activities.

In: Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction 6 (2022) Issue MHCI, 22 S.

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Dangelmaier, Manfred; Bauer, Wilhelm; Chen, Zimu:

Interdisciplinary Communication and Advice under Uncertainty in a Pandemic.

In: International Conference on Global Issues Challenge: Human Factors in Disease Control and Pandemic Prevention 2022, S. 29 - 36.

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Diederichs, Frederik; Wannemacher, Christoph; Faller, Fabian; Mikolajewski, Martin; Martin, Manuel; Voit, Michael; Widlroither, Harald; Schmidt, Eike; Engelhardt, Doreen; Rittger, Lena; Hashemi, Vahid; Sahakyan, Manya; Romanelli, Massimo; Kiefer, Bernd; Fäßler, Victor; Rößler, Tobias; Großerüschkamp, Marc; Kurbos, Andreas; Bottesch, Miriam; Immoor, Pia; Engeln, Arnd; Fleischmann, Marlis; Schweiker, Miriam; Pagenkopf, Anne; Mathis, Lesley-Ann; Piechnik, Daniela:

Artificial Intelligence for Adaptive, Responsive, and Level-Compliant Interaction in the Vehicle of the Future (KARLI).

In: International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction 2022 - Posters, S. 164 - 171.

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Diederichs, Frederik; Muthumani, Arun; Feierle, Alexander; Galle, Melanie; Mathis, Lesley-Ann; Bopp-Bertenbreiter, Anja Valeria; Widlroither, Harald; Bengler, Klaus:

Improving Driver Performance and Experience in Assisted and Automated Driving with Visual Cues in the Steering Wheel.

In: IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 23 (2022) 5, S. 4843 - 4852.

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Dieterich, Katherina; Ohlhausen, Peter:

A closed-loop control for a cooperative innovation culture in interorganizational R&D projects.

In: Procedia Computer Science 196 (2022), S. 886 - 893.

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Drews, Patrick; Berger, Maximilian; Sautter, Johannes; Rohde, Annika:

Lernen und üben wir das Richtige? Kritische Erfolgsfaktoren der Bewältigung des Massenanfalls von Verletzten; Ergebnisse einer FMEA und einer Analyse von MANV-bezogenen Curricula.

In: Notfall + Rettungsmedizin 25 (2022) 1, S. 19 - 29.

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Duchek, Stephanie; Förster, Charlotte; Scheuch, Ianina:

Bouncing up. The development of women leaders’ resilience.

In: Scandinavian Journal of Management 38 (2022) 4, Art. No. 101234, (11 S.).

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Duchek, Stephanie; Schroth, Fabian:

Innovation Hubs in Rural Areas: A Qualitative Interview Study.

In: ISPIM Innovation Conference "Innovating in a Digital World" 2022, 6 S.


Dukino, Claudia; Kutzias, Damian; Link, Maike:

Roles and Competences of Data Science Projects.

In: AHFE International Conference on the Human Side of Service Engineering 2022, S. 250 - 255.

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Edel, Fabian; Lübbe, Nico:

Feasibility of Smart-Textiles for Vehicle-Exterior: Impact of Disturbances.

In: World Textile Conference AUTEX 2022, S. 553 - 557.

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Eibl, Gregor; Temple, Lucy; Sellung, Rachelle; Dedovic, Stefan; Alishani, Art; Schmidt, Carsten:

Towards a Transdisciplinary Evaluation Framework for Mobile Cross-Border Government Services.

In: IFIP WG 8.5 International Conference on Electronic Government 2022, S. 543 - 562.

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Engelbach, Matthias; Klau, Dennis; Drawehn, Jens; Kintz, Maximilien:

Combining Deep Learning and Reasoning for Address Detection in Unstructured Text Documents.

In: International Workshop on Combining Learning and Reasoning 2022, 5 S.

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Evcenko, Dimitri; Kett, Holger Joachim:

5G-Nutzenbewertung: ein praxisorientiertes Vorgehen bei der strategischen und anwendungsfallorientierten Bewertung von Funkübertragungstechniken.

In: Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb 117 (2022) 1-2, S. 88 - 93.

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Evcenko, Dimitri; Kett, Holger Joachim; Nebauer, Stephan:

Risiken managen - Einsatzpotenziale von EaaS-Lösungen in der Produktion.

In: Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb: ZWF 117 (2022) 12, S. 872 - 878.

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Fähnrich, Nicolas; Winterstetter, Matthias; Kubach, Michael:

A user-centric approach to IT-security risk analysis for an identity management solution.

In: Open Identity Summit 2022, S. 113 - 118.

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Fähnrich, Nicolas; Roßnagel, Heiko:

Open Identity Summit 2022: Online tool for matching company demands with IT-security offerings.

In: Open Identity Summit 2022, S. 131 - 136.

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Feike, Maximilian; Christel, Philipp:

Towards a maturity model to measure data consistency in the manufacturing industry.

In: AHFE International Conference on the Human Side of Service Engineering 2022, S. 319 - 327.

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Fernandez Lopez, Trinidad; Schroeder, Stella:

The World Towards the Future: Global Initiative for Healthy Cities. Piura, Peru.

In: Academic Conference on the Sustainable Development Goals "Why it Matters" as part of the Decade of Action 2022, Vol. II, S. 239 - 262.


Ferreira, Sara; Soares Amorim, Marco Raul; Lobo, António; Kern, Mira; Fanderl, Nora; Couto, António:

Travel mode preferences among German commuters over the course of COVID-19 pandemic.

In: Transport Policy 126 (2022), S. 55 - 64.

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Förster, Charlotte; Duchek, Stephanie; Geithner, Silke; Krägler, Maxie:

Developing an integrated framework of healthcare leaders' resilience.

In: Review of Managerial Science (2022) Online First, 24 S.

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Förster, Charlotte; Paparella, Caroline; Duchek, Stephanie; Güttel, Wolfgang H.:

Leading in the Paradoxical World of Crises: How Leaders Navigate Through Crises.

In: Schmalenbach Journal of Business Research 74 (2022) 4, S. 631 - 657.

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Freitag, Mike; Hämmerle, Oliver:

Digitalization of Services for Volunteers in Non-profit Organization.

In: Advances in Production Management Systems. Smart Manufacturing and Logistics Systems: Turning Ideas into Action; IFIP WG 5.7 International Conference, APMS 2022, Gyeongju, South Korea, September 25–29, 2022, Proceedings, Part I, S. 329 - 334.

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Frings, Sandra; Kett, Holger Joachim; Falkner, Jürgen:

Essential Areas of Action for the Smartification of Traditional Products and Services Considering the Capabilities of SMEs.

In: AHFE International Conference on the Human Side of Service Engineering 2022, S. 302 - 311.

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Fronemann, Nora; Pollmann, Kathrin; Loh, Wulf:

Should my robot know what’s best for me?: human–robot interaction between user experience and ethical design.

In: AI & Society 37 (2022) 2, S. 517 - 533.

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Gado, Sabrina; Kempen, Regina; Lingelbach, Katharina; Bipp, Tanja:

Artificial Intelligence in Psychology: how can we enable psychology students to accept and use artificial intelligence?

In: Psychology Learning & Teaching 21 (2022) 1, S. 37 - 56.

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Häußermann, Johann Jakob; Lütge, Christoph:

Community‑in‑the‑loop: towards pluralistic value creation in AI, or—why AI needs business ethics.

In: AI and Ethics 2 (2022) 2, S. 341 - 362.

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Hanussek, Marc; Kötter, Falko; Kintz, Maximilien; Drawehn, Jens:

VitrAI - Applying Explainable AI in the Real World.

In: Intelligent Systems and Applications: Proceedings of the 2021 Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys), Vol. 2, S. 11 - 23.

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Hedeshy, Ramin; Kumar, Chandan; Lauer, Mike; Staab, Steffen:

All Birds Must Fly: The Experience of Multimodal Hands-free Gaming with Gaze and Nonverbal Voice Synchronization.

In: International Conference on Multimodal Interaction 2022, S. 278 - 287.

Zur Publikation


Heidrich, Benedikt; Turowski, Marian; Phipps, Kaleb; Schmieder, Kai; Süß, Wolfgang; Mikut, Ralf; Hagenmeyer, Veit:

Controlling non-stationarity and periodicities in time series generation using conditional invertible neural networks.

In: Applied intelligence (2022) Online First, 18 S.

Zur Publikation


Hellmuth, René:

Update approaches and methods for digital building models: literature review.

In: Journal of Information Technology in Construction 27 (2022), S. 191 - 222.

Zur Publikation


Henrich, Adrian; Schultze, Tobias:

Work in Progress: Do Students Benefit from Using VR as a Tool in Engineering Exercises?

In: IEEE World Engineering Education Conference 2022, S. 203 - 206.

Zur Publikation


Hochfeld, Katharina; Duchek, Stephanie:

Development of a Blueprint for a Hybrid Design Thinking Process.

In: ISPIM Innovation Conference "Innovating in a Digital World" 2022, 5 S.


Hölzle, Katharina:

No innovation without entrepreneurship: From passion to practice.

In: The journal of product innovation management 39 (2022) 4, S. 474 - 477.

Zur Publikation


Horch, Andrea; Schunck, Christian Heinrich; Ruff, Christopher:

Adversary Tactics and Techniques specific to Cryptocurrency Scams.

In: Open Identity Summit 2022. 2022, S. 119 - 124.

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Hu, Xiaodu; Arista, Rebeca; Zheng, Xiaochen; Lentes, Joachim; Sorvari, Jyri; Lu, Jinzhi; Ubis, Fernando; Kiritsis, Dimitris:

Ontology-based system to support industrial system design for aircraft assembly.

In: IFAC-PapersOnLine 55 (2022) 2 = 14th IFAC Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems IMS 2022, S. 175 - 180.

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Hu, Xiaodu; Arista, Rebeca; Lentes, Joachim; Lu, Jinzhi; Zheng, Xiaochen; Sorvari, Jyri; Ubis, Fernando; Kiritsis, Dimitris:

Ontology-centric industrial requirements validation for aircraft assembly system design.

In: IFAC-PapersOnLine 55 (2022) 10 = 10th IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management and Control MIM 2022, S. 3016 - 3021.

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Johnson Jeyakumar, Isaac Henderson; Chadwick, David; Kubach, Michael:

A novel approach to establish trust in verifiable credential issuers in Self-sovereign identity ecosystems using TRAIN.

In: Open Identity Summit 2022. 2022, S. 27 - 38.

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Kaschub, Verena Lisa; Lossack, Ralf; Bues, Matthias; Wechner, Reto; Kraft, Timo; Spath, Dieter:

Towards an integration of 'sense elements' into a 'focus oriented' automotive product development.

In: Proceedings of NordDesign 2022: How product and manufacturing design enable sustainable companies and societies, 10 S.

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Keicher, Lukas; Ardilio, Antonino; Nawroth, Georg:

Boosting Innovation by Artificial Intelligence (AI): Effects and Potentials of AI in the Process of Innovating.

In: Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology 2022, 11 S.

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Ke, Yingying; Braun, Martin:

E-Commerce in der VR China: Eine Marktchance für deutsche Unternehmen?

In: Industrie 4.0 Management 38 (2022) 4, S. 38 - 42.


Klingler, Anna-Lena; Tagalidou, Nektaria; Fronemann, Nora:

Energy Rebels? How Households’ Preferences for Decentralized Hydrogen Systems Misalign with Energy System Requirements.

In: International Renewable Energy Storage Conference 2021, Atlantis Press 2022, S. 152 - 156.

Zur Publikation


Krüger, Anne Elisabeth; Minet, Sarah:

Designing Positive Experiences in Creative Workshops at Work Using a Warm UP Set Based on Psychological Needs.

In: Multimodal Technologies and Interaction 6 (2022) 10, Art. No. 90, (17 S.).

Zur Publikation


Kurowski, Sebastian; Schunck, Christian Heinrich:

Risk variance: Towards a definition of varying outcomes of IT security risk assessment.

In: Open Identity Summit 2022, S. 99 - 110.

Zur Publikation


Kutzias, Damian; Dukino, Claudia:

Processes in Data Science Projects.

In: AHFE International Conference on the Human Side of Service Engineering 2022, S. 312 - 318.

Zur Publikation


Kutz, Janika; Neuhüttler, Jens; Spilski, Jan; Lachmann, Thomas:

Implementation of AI Technologies in Manufacturing: Success Factors and Challenges.

In: AHFE International Conference on the Human Side of Service Engineering 2022, S. 256 - 261.

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Leippi, Andre; Fleschutz, Markus; Davis, Kevin; Murphy, Michael D.:

Utilization of electric vehicle fleets in industrial demand response considering vehicle-to-grid benefits and battery degradation.

In: International Conference on the European Energy Market 2022, 6 S.

Zur Publikation


Le, Nguyen-Truong; Stegmüller, Sebastian; Potinecke, Thomas; Dangelmaier, Manfred; Braun, Franziska:

Fast Track Innovating Process: A Maker-Movement-Based Approach to Connect Digital Talents with Companies.

In: Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology 2022, 5 S.

Zur Publikation


Lentes, Joachim:

Towards an Ontology for a Lightweight Support System for Production System Rough Planning.

In: IFAC-PapersOnLine 55 (2022) 10 = 10th IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management and Control (MIM 2022), S. 3010 - 3015.

Zur Publikation


Leuteritz, Jan-Paul; Navarro, José; Czakert, Jan Philipp; Berger, Rita:

Validation of the German group development (GD) questionnaire.

In: Current Psychology 41 (2022) 7, S. 4321 - 4328.

Zur Publikation


Lingelbach, Katharina; Tagalidou, Nektaria; Markey, Patrick S.; Föll, Bettina; Peissner, Matthias; Vukelic, Mathias:

Examining Joy of Use and Usability During Mobile Phone Interactions within a Multimodal Methods Approach.

In: Mensch und Computer 2022, S. 276 - 285.

Zur Publikation


Lingelbach, Katharina; Gado, Sabrina; Janssen, Doris; Piechnik, Daniela; Eichler, Martin; Knopf, Dennis; Hentschel, Leopold; Schuler, Markus; Sernatinger, Daniel; Peissner, Matthias:

Identifying the Effects of COVID-19 on Psychological Well-Being Through Unsupervised Clustering for Mixed Data.

In: Proceedings of Sixth International Congress on Information and Communication Technology 2022, Vol. 1, S. 883 - 895.

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Marrenbach, Dirk: 

Workshop Psychologie der Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheit 2022: Entwicklung einer Landkarte zur Unterstützung der adaptiven lernenden Gestaltung von Arbeitssystemen.

In: Rehmer, S. (Hrsg.): Workshop Psychologie der Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheit. Asanger Verlag, 2022, S. 567 - 570.


Matowicki, Michal; Soares Amorim, Marco Raul; Kern, Mira; Pecherkova, Pavla; Motzer, Nicolaj; Pribyl, Ondrej:

Understanding the potential of MaaS: An European survey on attitudes.

In: Travel Behaviour and Society 27 (2022) S. 204 - 215.

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Meiren, Thomas; Schiller, Christian:

Development of New Sustainable Services.

In: AHFE International Conference on the Human Side of Service Engineering 2022, S. 295 - 301.

Zur Publikation


Milardo, Sebastiano; Rathore, Punit; Soares Amorim, Marco Raul; Fugiglando, Umberto; Santi, Paolo; Ratti, Carlo:

Understanding Drivers' Stress and Interactions with Vehicle Systems through Naturalistic Data Analysis.

In: IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 23 (2022) 9, S. 14570 - 14581.

Zur Publikation


Neuhüttler, Jens; Christel, Philipp; Le, Nguyen-Truong; Wenzel, Günter; Ardilio, Antonino:

Potentials of a Metaverse for Smart Service Engineering.

In: AHFE International Conference on the Human Side of Service Engineering 2022, S. 84 - 91.

Zur Publikation


Neuhüttler, Jens; Hermann, Sibylle; Ganz, Walter; Spath, Dieter; Mark, Riccarda:

Quality Based Testing of AI-based Smart Services: The Example of Stuttgart Airport.

In: Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology 2022, 10 S.

Zur Publikation


Northe, Christian; Palumbo, Giandomenico; Sturm, Jonathan; Tutschku, Christian Klaus; Hankiewicz, Ewelina M.:

Interplay of band geometry and topology in ideal Chern insulators in the presence of external electromagnetic fields.

In: Physical Review / B 105 (2022) 15, Art.-No. 155410, (14 S.).

Zur Publikation


Pokorni, Bastian:

Participatory Visual Process Analysis of Manual Assembly Processes to Identify User Requirements for Digital Assistance Systems.

In: Human Interaction, Emerging Technologies and Future Systems V: Proceedings of the 5th International Virtual Conference on Human Interaction and Emerging Technologies, IHIET 2021and and the 6th IHIET: Future Systems (IHIET-FS 2021), Springer 2022, S. 207 - 214.

Zur Publikation


Pollmann, Kathrin; Janssen, Doris; Fronemann, Nora; Velic, Milena; Bouillé, Philippe; Foucault, Béatrice De; Bégoc Bécam, Nathalie:

Identifying and Addressing Needs of Heterogeneous User Groups: A Case Study from the Banking Sector.

In: Multimodal technologies and interaction 6 (2022) 12, 18 S.

Zur Publikation


Rätze, Sebastian; Duchek, Stephanie; Maynard, M. Travis; Wohlgemuth, Michael:

Resilience in Organization-Related Research: an Integrative Conceptual Review Across Disciplines and Levels of Analysis.

In: Journal of Applied Psychology 107 (2022) 6, S. 867 - 897.

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Raudonat, Kerstin; Pröbster, Monika; Schmieder, Kai; Martinetz, Simone; Marsden, Nicola:

Where bias can creep in: Gendersensibilität beim Einsatz von KI-Technologien im Kontext beruflicher Weiterbildung im Forschungsprojekt KIRA.

In: INFORMATIK 2022 - Informatik in den Naturwissenschaften, S. 683 - 692.

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Renn, Ortwin; Gloaguen, Richard; Benighaus, Christina; Ajjabou, Leila; Benighaus, Ludger; Del Rio, Virginia; Gómez , Javier; Kauppi, Sari; Keßelring, Michaela; Kirsch, Moritz; Komac, Marko; Kotilainen, Juha; Kozlovskaya, Elena; Lyytimaki, Jari; McCallum, Cathryn; Mononen, Tuija; Nevalainen, Jouni; Peltonen, Lasse; Ranta, Jukka-Pekka; Ruiz, Stephane;  Russill, Jon; Wagner, Frank:

Metal Sourcing for a Sustainable Future.

In: Earth science, systems and society 2 (2022) Special Issue: Sustainability in the Extractive Industries, Article No. 10049, (13 S.).

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Renyi, Madeleine; Gaugisch, Petra; Hunck, Alexandra; Strunck, Stefan; Kunze, Christophe; Teuteberg, Frank:

Uncovering the Complexity of Care Networks: towards a Taxonomy of Collaboration Complexity in Homecare.

In: Computer supported cooperative work 31 (2022) 3, p. 517 - 554.

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Röckle, Felix; Soares Amorim, Marco Raul; Keicher, Lukas; Kern, Mira; Rupprecht:

"Charging process chain": Holistic approach for identifying weaknesses in the electric vehicle charging ecosystem:

Paper presented at 35th International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS35), 2022, 12 S.

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Roßnagel, Heiko [Editor]; Schunck, Christian Heinrich [Editor]; Mödersheim, Sebastian [Editor]:

Open Identity Summit 2022: 07. - 08.07.2022, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik, 2022. (GI-Edition: lecture notes in informatics: proceedings; 325)

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Roßnagel, Heiko; Schunck, Christian Heinrich; Mödersheim, Sebastian:

Open Identity Summit 2022: Preface.

In: Open Identity Summit 2022. 2022, 1 S.

Zur Publikation


Ruess, Patrick; Eberhardt, Anna Katharina; Weber, Svenja Agnes:

How to Make the Undefined Tangible: Development of a Typology for Smart City Replication.

In: IEEE European Technology and Engineering Management Summit, E-TEMS 2022, S. 126 - 130.

Zur Publikation


Ruff, Christopher, Henderson, Isaac, Vetter, Tibor, Horch, Andrea:

Mental and Physical Training for Elderly Population using Service Robots.

In: Proceedings of the 14th International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence 2022, S. 435 - 444.

Zur Publikation


Sautter, Johannes; Lis, Dominik; Kräck, Jan; Helsper, Andreas; Erlenhardt, Kai; Schnieders, Fabienne; Lambrecht, Udo:

Mobility Data Products for Smart City Ecosystems – a Greenhouse Gas Balancing Case Study.

In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing 2022, the International Conference on Connected Smart Cities 2022, the International Conference on Big Data Analytics, Data Mining and Computational Intelligence 2022 and the International Conference on Theory and Practice in Modern Computing 2022. IADIS Press 2022, S. 213 - 217.


Schiller, Christian; Freitag, Mike; Leiden, Alexander; Herrmann, Christoph; Gorovoj, Alexander; Hering, Patric; Hering, Sascha:

Reference Model for Product-Service Systems with an Use Case from the Plating Industry.

In: Advances in Production Management Systems. Smart Manufacturing and Logistics Systems: Turning Ideas into Action; IFIP WG 5.7 International Conference, APMS 2022, Gyeongju, South Korea, September 25–29, 2022, Proceedings, Part I, S. 335 - 342.

Zur Publikation


Schmidt, Simon; Clausen, Jan; Auwera, Robin van der; Klapp, Oliver; Schmerler, Rico; Löffler, David; Werner, Maximilian Jakob; Block, Lukas:

Novel Battery Module Design for Increased Resource Efficiency.

In: World electric vehicle journal 13 (2022) 10, 11 S.

Zur Publikation


Schneider, Benjamin; Schüle, Stephan; Kürümlüoglu, Mehmet Mustafa; Riedel, Oliver; Zilic, Josip:

Praxisorientierter Technologietransfer für ASE: Advanced Systems Engineering in der Praxis: "Mobiles Plug-In Labor".

In: wt Werkstattstechnik online 112 (2022) 6, S. 390 - 394.

Zur Publikation


Schwimmer, Edith; Braun, Steffen:

Leichtbau im urbanen System: Potenzialanalyse für die Entwicklung performativer Planungsansätze bei innovativen Bauvorhaben.

In: REAL CORP 2022: International Conference on Urban Planning, Regional Development and Information Society, S. 455 - 463.

Zur Publikation


Sellung, Rachelle; Hölscher, Marie; Burgstaller-Hochenwarter, Lisa:

Good Practices of User Experience and Design Research for Mobile and Electronic Governmental Services.

In: Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective: 11th International Conference, EGOVIS 2022, Proceedings, S. 138 - 149.

Zur Publikation


Spahrbier, Mali; Blank, David; Ziegler, Daniel:

Supporting human monitoring activities in highly automated manufacturing through gamification.

In: Computers & Industrial Engineering 168 (2022) Article No. 108049 (14 S.).

Zur Publikation


Strauß, Oliver; Kutzias, Damian; Kett, Holger Joachim:

Agent-based Document Expansion for Information Retrieval based on Topic Modeling of local Information.

In: International Conference on Soft Computing and Machine Intelligence. 2022, S. 198 - 202.

Zur Publikation


Tombeil, Anne-Sophie; Nägele, Rainer:

Towards a Concept of "Governance as a Smart-Service" in Service-Oriented Value-Creation-Systems.

In: AHFE International Conference on the Human Side of Service Engineering 2022, S. 328 - 334.

Zur Publikation


Turowski, Marian; Heidrich, Benedikt; Phipps, Kaleb; Schmieder, Kai; Neumann, Oliver; Mikut, Ralf; Hagenmeyer, Veit:

Enhancing anomaly detection methods for energy time series using latent space data representations.

In: International Conference on Future Energy Systems 2022, S. 208 - 277.

Zur Publikation


Vocke, Christian; Bauer, Wilhelm:

Status quo and quo vadis: Creativity techniques and innovation methods for generating extended innovation processes.

In: AHFE International Conference on Human Factors and System Interactions 2022, S. 373 - 379.

Zur Publikation


Wiesenthal, Jan; Schnabel, Frieder:

Multi-use of Community Energy Storage: Energy Services and their Compatibility with Increasing Self-consumption as Primary Service with a Focus on Germany.

In: International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2021). Atlantis Press 2022, S. 143 - 151.

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Zheng, Xiaochen; Hu, Xiaodu; Arista, Rebeca; Lu, Jinzhi; Sorvari, Jyri; Lentes, Joachim; Ubis, Fernando; Kiritsis, Dimitris:

A semantic-driven tradespace framework to accelerate aircraft manufacturing system design.

In: Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing (2022) Online First, 24 S.

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Zimmermann, Nikolas; Springer, Stephan; Bienzeisler, Bernd:

Prozessmodellierung in hochdynamischen Umgebungen.

In: Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb: ZWF 117 (2022) 12, S. 825 - 829.

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