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Corporate Innovation Labs study probes exemplary innovation labs’ success factors .

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The human factor in artificial intelligence

Fraunhofer IAO focuses on applications for AI in Science Year 2019

Innovation in 2030 – open, digital, systemic?

Innovation in 2030 – open, digital, systemic?

Five hypotheses on the future of innovation in Germany and Europe




IAO-News / Mar 7, 2019

AI solutions for autonomous vehicle fleets

How can artificial intelligence (AI) be used in vehicle fleets? How can autonomous vehicles be integrated in car sharing information and communications technology (ICT) systems? The Fraunhofer IAO project KI4ROBOFLEET is investigating the possible applications of AI in the area of autonomous driving.


IAO-News / Mar 6, 2019

“Future Museum”: innovation network for museums

Fraunhofer IAO and MUSEUM BOOSTER will launch aninnovation network for museums in July 2019. The goal of the Future Museum project is to assist museums in applying cutting-edge know-how and to create a network of museum leaders, public authorities, donors and suppliers for the exchange of ideas and for collaboration.


IAO-News / Feb 21, 2019

Corporate Innovation Labs: the place to pursue disruptive ideas?

What exactly is a corporate innovation lab? Why are so many companies so keen to set up a think-tank? And what sets this type of lab apart from conventional R&D units? Fraunhofer IAO has answered these and other key questions in a recently released explorative study entitled “Corporate Innovation Labs.” This report looks at case studies and offers recommendations on setting up innovation labs.


IAO-News / Feb 5, 2019

EarthLab: Artificial intelligence and sustainability

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. It’s a topic that is generating high hopes but also provoking some fears. Fraunhofer IAO therefore intends to try and dispel some of the myths in the course of the “Science Year 2019”, devoted to AI. A series of lectures, publications and projects will explain how companies and specific business sectors can use artificial intelligence, and what impact it will have on the world of work.