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Nov 30, 2015
Innovative, Sustainable and livable cities of tomorrow Top innovative ideas for the city of tomorrow
Fraunhofer’s As part of the Fraunhofer “Urban Futures” conference, ten selected young entrepreneurs and start-ups took to the stage to dazzle the jury and the audience with their innovative ideas. The finalists presented their concepts for the city of the future at an “idea pitch” event on November 25, 2015 to about 250 prominent representatives from municipalities, politics, business and research. The top three received a membership in Fraunhofer’s Morgenstadt innovation network, each of which is worth 25,000 euros.

Nov 25, 2015
Innovative, Sustainable and livable cities of tomorrow Innovative, Sustainable and livable cities of tomorrow
Fraunhofer’s Urban Futures Conference, which takes place in Berlin on November 25 and 26, 2015, will offer participants a glimpse of the urban future. Scientists, engineers, politicians and economists will present new concepts for intelligent and sustainable urban innovation. The aim is to help transform our cities into clean and vibrant places to live and work.

Nov 17, 2015
R&D Management for Malaysian SMEsR&D Management for Malaysian SMEs
Fraunhofer IAO has been supporting SIRIM, a Malaysian research organization, with the development and implementation of measures for increasing the innovative capabilities and productivity of Malaysian SMEs since March 2015. Now the joint project is entering the final phase, which includes conducting innovation workshops and establishing industrial centers of innovation.

Nov 5, 2015
EU's amePLM project improves data managementSharing – a blessing or a curse for companies?
Established companies are still not fully addressing the sharing economy, as demonstrated by “BW Share,” a study by Fraunhofer IAO. In this study, researchers investigated how established companies currently view the sharing economy and provide initial recommendations for politics, business and research.

Nov 3, 2015
EU's amePLM project improves data managementEU's amePLM project improves data management
During the lifecycle of a product – from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and recycling – a large amount of information is stored in a wide range of IT systems. As part of the EU’s amePLM project, Fraunhofer IAO has created a platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to control these complex processes.

Oct 28, 2015
Mike Freitag wins Burbidge prize Mike Freitag wins Burbidge prize
Fraunhofer IAO service researcher Dr. Mike Freitag was presented with the Burbidge Award for best scientific paper at the international Advances for Production Management Systems (APMS) conference. In cooperation with two fellow researchers, he developed a method that allows interactions between product and service development to be factored in during the development phase.

Oct 27, 2015
Brain research meets industrial engineeringBrain research meets industrial engineering
With the opening of its NeuroLab, Fraunhofer IAO now has a test environment for researching neuro- ergonomical topics. It is a place where researchers are applying neuroscientific knowledge to issues of ergonomic workplace design. The focus is on assistance systems in vehicles, in human-robot collaboration, and in knowledge work. The laboratory opened on October 27, 2015, with a symposium.

Oct 7, 2015
Improving safety and efficiency on the road with UR:BAN Improving safety and efficiency on the road with UR:BAN
The partners in the UR:BAN research initiative set out to make driving in tomorrow’s cities safer and more efficient. At the initiative’s upcoming final presentation, demonstration vehicles will show how intelligent and cooperative systems could help make driving in the city even safer, more economical and environmentally more sustainable.

Sep 29, 2015
Better processes with high-quality master data Better processes with high-quality master data
Where is the field of master data management currently headed? How can companies find the right products to meet their needs? In a recent market study, Fraunhofer IAO compared the master data management systems of 14 providers, with a primary focus placed on the features of the various systems.

Sep 28, 2015
Development aid for e-mobility services "Development aid" for e-mobility services
At the RESER conference in Copenhagen, Fraunhofer IAO premiered a service engineering reference model for the e-mobility applications sector before members of the service research community. In the future, this model will assist companies in systematically developing and bringing to market new services and business models.

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