Cognitive Service Systems

Value creation: using digital technologies to shape the future

The Research and Innovation Center for Cognitive Service Systems (KODIS) is a budding location of Fraunhofer IAO at the Bildungscampus in Heilbronn and acts as an independent research unit. The scientists there define cognitive services as highly innovative and scalable service products that generate unique added value for customers through artificial intelligence (AI) methods. Innovation in cognitive services is accomplished by combining technological AI expertise with in-depth understanding of processes, business models and customer needs.

At the Heilbronn site, the employees form an interdisciplinary team made up of scientists from the fields of data science, mechanical engineering, urban planning and economic and social sciences. With this knowhow, KODIS works with customers and partners from industry and local authorities to get them started with cognitive service organization.


The research center’s focus topics:

  • Developing and implementing AI software and solutions
  • Developing and testing technologies and methods in the field of data science and analytics
  • Working with organizations to develop and implement digital transformation
  • Creating platform-supported services and business models in digital ecosystems


Automotive Initiative 2025

AI25 — digital factory transformation in the automotive industry


Concept and pilot phase for a nationwide multi-operator platform for e-scooters