Automotive Initiative 2025

AI25 — digital factory transformation in the automotive industry

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Dr. Bernd Bienzeisler, Head of the Research and Innovation Center for Cognitive Service Systems (KODIS): “The Automotive Initiative 2025 offers the opportunity to combine basic research and applied research in the area of digital factory transformation to develop practice-oriented solutions.”


The factory of the future will feature a continuous production line of data, information and knowledge. However, transforming existing structures poses a significant challenge: In addition to developing technical infrastructures and expertise, a comprehensive factory change process must be drawn up to ensure successful digitalization. This extensive transformation is already underway at the Audi plant in Neckarsulm as part of “The Automotive Initiative 2025”.


AI25 is aimed at developing model design approaches for factory transformation — with a focus on practical applications. Based on real use cases, the project will work to develop, implement and test sustainably usable digital solutions for the factory of the future, which can be commercially scaled across the industry.


The Automotive Initiative 2025 aims to establish a future-oriented expertise network linking academia, research, IT companies and automobile manufacturing for digital factory transformation and innovation. The digital solutions for the factory of the future developed over the course of this project are to be used in series production for vehicle manufacturing and logistics.