Concept and pilot phase for a nationwide multi-operator platform for e-scooters

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Since 2019, e-scooters have been permitted for use on roads in Germany. They represent a significant milestone in the mobility revolution; however, many hurdles remain to be overcome when it comes to introducing and operating this mode of transport. Neither fleet operators nor municipalities are adequately prepared to deal with the introduction of e-scooters on the road. Urban and municipal providers are thus faced with new legal, personnel and technical obstacles. Conversely, cities and municipalities are having to deal with the unprecedented challenge of assessing service concepts from providers alongside establishing a technical and organizational infrastructure for the deployment of e-scooters.


Working with municipalities and e-scooter operators, the project will develop uniform standards for operating e-scooter fleets in urban environments and establish standards for exchanging geodata and mobility data. Interviews and workshops will be used to gather multiple perspectives on what is required for a multi-operator platform and functioning sharing offer. In addition to a requirements analysis, KODIS will also focus on analyzing e-scooter trip profiles.


The aim of the research project is to establish uniform legal, technical and organizational standards to facilitate cooperation between the various stakeholders. For this purpose, a digital multi-operator platform will be developed and then piloted, which should simplify cooperation between providers and municipalities and thus contribute to the mobility revolution.