Cognitive Service Systems

Value creation: using digital technologies to shape the future

The Research and Innovation Center for Cognitive Service Systems (KODIS) is a new location of Fraunhofer IAO at the Bildungscampus in Heilbronn and it acts as an independent research unit. The research center is tasked with developing and implementing digital service products and data-based business models. A particular focus is placed on applying artificial intelligence (AI) procedures as well as considering complex interactions in the service ecosystems. At the Heilbronn site, the employees form an interdisciplinary team made up of scientists from the fields of data science, mechanical engineering, urban planning and economic and social sciences.

The Cognitive Service Systems Research Unit is organized in the following teams:


Digital Service Transformation

In the “Digital Service Transformation” team, we support companies in the industry to develop, evaluate and implement innovative data-based services and service-oriented business models. To do this, we focus on the interactions between digital technologies, such as IoT or AI, on flexible and efficient process design and on effective solutions, all of which leads to a positive experience for the customer.


Public Service Innovation

In the team "Public Service Innovation" we develop - data-based and co-creatively - new services to improve public services. We collect data, evaluate and visualize them. This enables us, for example, to optimize a city's parking management, to design smart supply and disposal, to make sensible, multiple and optimal use of public space or to improve work processes in the municipal economy.


Cognitive Distribution Systems

In the “Cognitive Distribution Systems” team, we research and develop innovative approaches to distributing goods and resources, both physically and virtually. We use data, process and technology analyses and developed, applied AI software to help companies from the logistics and trade sectors, for example, to organize their processes and offerings in a more transparent, sustainable and customer-oriented way.