Prizes and awards 2021

An outstanding year

Here you will find an overview of the prizes and awards that our scientists received in 2021 for their research and academic work.

Best Paper Award from the Stuttgart Symposium for Product Development

Katharina Dieterich and Verena Kaschub, together with Peter Ohlhausen, won the Best Paper Award for their publication at the Stuttgart Symposium for Product Development SSP. The prize winners are in their third year of doctoral studies at the graduate school GsaME at the University of Stuttgart, and are guest research scientists at Fraunhofer IAO.

German Design Award: »Special Mention« in der Kategorie »Excellent Product Design« für CORE

© Faunhofer IAO / Bernulius – AdobeStock

German Design Awards: Special mention for CORE in the category “Excellent Product Design”

Future mobility is diverse and offers suitable means of transport for a wide range of needs, as sustainably as possible. The Fraunhofer IAO concept “Core — a micro mobility concept for urban spaces”, offers a solution for journeys of 15–40 minutes and was given a special mention in the category “Excellent Product Design” at the German Design Awards by the “German Design Council”, the German brand and design authority.

More Information: Press release (German).

German Design Award 2022 for JOSY

© Fraunhofer IAO

“Josy” is an interactive support agent that facilitates social contact in periods of lockdown and isolation. The small support robot was developed by the High-Performance Center for “Mass Personalization” at Fraunhofer IAO and members of the IAT at the University of Stuttgart. For its exemplary design and performance, Josy was crowned as the winner of the German Design Award.

More Information: Press release (German).


Bronze award at the German Digital Award 2021

In the discipline “Mobile Apps” in the category “Idea/Innovation”, XRGO as a CAMAO TEC brand received the German Digital Award 2021 in bronze. The Augmented Reality App for indoor and outdoor navigation, which was developed together with the research and innovation centre KODIS of the Fraunhofer IAO, was evaluated. The special feature of this AR navigation is that it does not use established technologies such as GPS or Bluetooth.

More Information: Website XRGO.


Best Paper Award WGAB Research Seminar 2021

In September 2021, the WGAB Research Seminar for the Scientific Community for Work and Operational Organization took place in Vienna. At the event, the lecture “Successfully developing workplace-related skills using digital assistance systems” by Institute Director Dr. Wilhelm Bauer and scientists Maike Link and Walter Ganz, was crowned best employee lecture and awarded the “Best Paper Award WGAB Research Seminar 2021”.

Best Research Paper Award SPM Summit India 2021

The whitepaper “Smart Innovation — How will Artificial Intelligence influence the innovation management of (software) products?”, which was written by scientists Rainer Nägele, Anja Braun and Peter Ohlhausen, in collaboration with students at Reutlingen University, won the Best Research Paper Award at the Software Product Management Summit in India.

Find more information on the Reutlingen University ESB Business School website.


Design Awards: »Newcomer Award 2022«

© Anne Bansen
“Tast(e) Food” aims to reduce food waste with an alternative concept to ‘use by/best before’ dates.

At the presentation of the German Design Awards, the international jury awarded Anne Bansen the prize in the category “Newcomer”. The prizewinner won the award for her entire portfolio, including projects such as Notfallmonster “NoMo” (Emergency Monster), the smart pill box “Pillbuddy” and the “Tast(e) Food” packaging concept. Her work offers new and innovative approaches to subjects such as health, security and sustainability.

More Information News (German).