Press release / 5.12.2023

The future of urban mobility in emerging economies

Fraunhofer IAO and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation have published study on innovative solutions for the future of urban mobility


News / 9.11.2023

Putting the »mobile« in mobile working with automated vehicles

Fraunhofer IAO and TWT GmbH are researching hybrid working in autonomous passenger cars


Press release / 9.11.2023

AI Factor X: How AI Can Change Our World of Work

International expert panel presents position paper


Press release / 7.9.2023

Potential of non-fungible tokens for the hospitality industry

Fraunhofer IAO study illustrates application cases and the potential of the NFT technology for the hotel sector


Customer magazine »FORWARD (German)

The magazine of the Fraunhofer IAO in cooperation with the IAT of the University of Stuttgart is published several times a year on a key topic.


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