Organisational Development and Work Design

Ready for change – shaping the organizational model, management, cooperation and infrastructure to sustainably meet tomorrow’s requirements

An organization’s success depends substantially on the innovation capability of its members and of the organization as a whole. The coexistence of successful innovations and efficient implementation requires flexible and agile structures, transformative management concepts, work environments that foster productivity, and a corporate culture that motivates and inspires.

In organization development projects, we design a company’s business processes, management and control systems, and business models from a holistic perspective. We help companies and public-sector organizations optimize their structures and processes, and achieve sustainable long-term productivity.

We also design work systems for the respective organizations, helping them plan and implement people-friendly working environments that foster high performance. The shared goal of our implementation projects is to make organizations more responsive, innovative and productive; to create the conditions under which employees are motivated and achieve excellence; and to create sustainable employment.  

The Organisational Development and Work Design Research Unit is organized in the following teams:


Collaboration and Leadership

The team successfully designs the transformation through versatile working methods that offer flexibility in terms of time and place – with new methods, digital cooperation tools and modified management concepts. 


Organisational Design

In light of the changes brought about by learning systems, the team interlinks corporate strategy with digital strategy in order to derive organizational models that are fit and ready for the future.


Workspace Innovation

The team develops and evaluates working conditions for office and knowledge work with the aim of promoting innovation and performance, without losing sight of the individual.


Cognitive Environments

The team designs smart environments for office work, for those who travel, and for looking after people in need of care – from individual workplaces to whole neighborhoods.