Organizing an Industrie 4.0 company

Survey and communication of good-practice cases on the leadership and organization of small and medium-sized enterprises in Baden-Württemberg

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To remain competitive, companies need good leadership as well as management systems and organizational structures that generate dynamism and enable fast decision-making processes. These are supported by holistic, flexible, end-to-end responsibility for processes, agile adaptation, a multidisciplinary approach and creativity in the face of constant change. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in particular, the ability to respond to the growing digitalization and globalization of the economy is set to become an increasingly important competitive factor. How can the management and organization of these companies be best adapted to Industrie 4.0? Fraunhofer IAO is now examining this question in a project entitled “The organization of the Industrie 4.0 company”, which investigates trendsetting forms of management and organization adopted by SMEs in Baden-Württemberg as they incorporate Industrie 4.0 technology in their business practices. The project’s partners include the working group “Arbeit und Organisation” – itself part of Allianz Industrie 4.0 BW – and representatives from companies in Baden-Württemberg.  


Based on selected SMEs that have already successfully positioned themselves, the project will draw up practical guidelines and recommendations aimed at motivating companies to tailor their organizational structures to Industrie 4.0. It is therefore important to discover which innovative approaches have already been developed and implemented by leading Industrie 4.0 companies. 


The project will produce case studies, explanatory videos and guidelines with recommendations. These will help SMEs shape their business and digital strategies and their use of Industrie 4.0 technology in line with future challenges.