MORPHOA: More photonics for start-ups and SMEs


MORPHOA: More Photonics for Start-ups and SMEs Photonics is a cross section technology for key topics such as autonomous driving, smart home or robotics. Using open innovation approaches, completely new, creative impulses can be released. In the "BaKaRoS" project, research has already been carried out into how to enable non-technical experts to develop new ideas for the application of light together with professional industrial developers on the basis of a construction kit. The follow-up project "Morphoa" now aims to support smaller companies and start-ups in the application and integration of optical technologies. 


In cooperation with start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and research institutions, a module-based methodology as well as hardware and development tools are to be established. These should enable companies to integrate high-quality photonic functionalities into their product ideas and to develop and produce precisely fitting, functional demonstrators in the shortest possible time.


The optical modules developed in the Morphoa project are designed to be application-oriented. They can be used for a variety of different applications and with a minimum of previous knowledge. Accordingly, suitable basic software is supplied for each module. Each module provides a certain basic function (e.g. 3D acquisition), but is easily adaptable in terms of parameters (e.g. measurement volume, accuracy, installation space, external geometry, interfaces). This is achieved by choosing subcomponents (e.g. lens, image sensor, software) and adapted geometries (3D printing). The adaptation is controlled by an expert system.