Mobility and Innovation Systems

Looking at the big picture and actively shaping tomorrow’s transformation processes and innovation systems

Some current projects include putting together comprehensive mobility and energy concepts, adding electric vehicles to fleets, identifying and assessing the service potential of automated driving, and analyzing (mobility) data to craft new business models. In joint cross-sector projects, our Fraunhofer IAO researchers identify and harness technological potential that can help market players gain or even sharpen their competitive edge.

To ensure that we translate theory into practice, we test our approaches on our own fleet of electric vehicles, in our smart microgrid living lab or in our in-house mobility innovation lab, which is a prototyping facility as well as a creativity space for ideation and expert workshops.

Our Mobility and Innovation Systems researchers focus on:

  • Mobility trends and innovative technologies
  • Autonomous driving and use of time
  • Innovative technologies for the vehicles and microcars of tomorrow
  • Electromobility and local energy systems
  • Charging-infrastructure concepts, business and operator models
  • Digitalization and transformation of the mobility sector
  • Value creation and employment
  • Participation and innovation formats 

The Mobility and Innovation Systems Research Unit is organized in the following teams:


Mobility Innovation

The Mobility Innovation team studies digital transformation in the automotive industry. By leveraging years of experience in this sector as well as modern methods of technology and innovation management, this team will contribute to the design of tomorrow’s sustainable vehicles for years to come. This team regularly relies on the mobility innovation lab, which serves as a creative space for ideation and expert workshops as well as a prototyping facility enabling work on innovative formats.


Mobility Ecosystems

The Mobility Ecosystems team not only assists companies and municipalities in actively shaping their transition to future mobility, but also in harnessing the innovative power behind a digitalized mobility ecosystem. Our work on projects begins in labs that we ourselves designed and set up. To name just one example: our smart microgrid demonstrator, which includes a charging infrastructure and a fleet of electric vehicles.


Technology and Innovation Intelligence

This interdisciplinary team looks at smart-data approaches to develop solutions that empower companies and organizations to strategically identify, evaluate and implement new technologies or fields of application. In addition, team members help organizations design and implement effective, long-term management of technologies and innovations.