VisB+: Visualization in the public participation process


Large-scale construction projects invariably generate a certain degree of conflict. They must therefore be planned and communicated so that the public accepts them. Together with the University of Hohenheim, a Fraunhofer IAO project team is investigating the overarching research question: what part can visualizations play in ensuring that construction planning is understandable and credible?  


Expert workshops are used to identify the requirements that the various groups – planners, project developers, associations, civil society stakeholders – place on visualizations. Visualization devices, such as plans, architectural models, rendering, interactive computer models and virtual reality, are examined in focus groups. The emphasis here is on finding out how understandable and credible these are to the average person. Ultimately, expert workshops and analyses provide insights into which phases in engineering planning and which types of building visualization lend themselves to public participation. 


The aim is to prepare a visualization guide for industry and administrations. This will provide information on which visualizations are suitable for public participation and in which planning phases.