Many of the IT solutions used in today’s industrial environments are highly complex – they are difficult to integrate into, and configure for, existing operations. Furthermore, it is very difficult for small companies in particular to roll out new software and digitalize their processes.


In the ScaleIT project, Fraunhofer IAO employs a wide variety of methods:

  • Workshops are held at industry users’ sites to analyze horizontal process chains and identify approaches to digitalization. This involves a combination of human-computer interaction (HCI) and agile software development methods.
  • Prototype development quickly feeds tangible results back to the user groups.
  • Evaluations and usability tests in the user groups provide valuable feedback for further developing the design and applications of the user interface.
  • Using adaptive software modules makes it possible to flexibly adjust the solutions developed.
  • The analysis and determination of key performance indicators (KPIs) allows companies to measure ScaleIT success factors on the shop floor.


The overall objective of the ScaleIT research project is to develop a scalable, expandable technical platform that is simple to implement on the shop floor. Software modules (apps) help link data to information and to map processes and use cases. Special emphasis is placed on user friendliness and speed of installation, particularly in smaller companies.