Eco Fleet Services


Transport in municipal areas is changing. For businesses and the general public alike, there is a growing need for transportation, which leads to ever greater pollution, noise and congestion. In order to maintain the flow of traffic in our cities, we therefore need to leverage the various elements in a new mobility mix to achieve an optimal blend.

This is the task of Eco Fleet Services, a project that aims to develop efficient and viable electromobility solutions in conjunction with other mobility services.


The prime aim of the project is to develop a platform that enables companies to efficiently deploy and manage a fleet of electric vehicles, on the one hand, and to combine this facility with other transport services such as car sharing and mass transit, on the other. The platform is currently undergoing trials with the vehicle fleet of the city of Heidelberg.

The project comprises an IT solution, which is being developed and implemented together with the KEIM application center at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, and a maturity assessment model that is to be developed with the University of Hohenheim. This will enable companies to evaluate the quality of their traffic management, identify potential for improvement and plan appropriate measures.

The project will also shed light on the current status of business-related traffic and on the transport requirements of municipalities. To this end, the University of Hohenheim has run a survey designed to reveal key trends for the sustainable management of business-related traffic in municipal areas.


Eco Fleet Services provides smart and effective management of business-related traffic, enabling not only the effective use of fleet vehicles but the incorporation of external transport services such as car sharing and mass transit. With the help of this platform, users will be able to select the most sustainable means of transport for their particular journey. Eco Fleet Services is therefore paving the way for the multimodal management of business-related traffic.