Usability and User Experience Lab

Research topics

Optimum usability and user experience are USPs of interactive products and services. With the help of user-centric methods, we analyze and design systems for professional users and end users.

Intuitive and attractive products offer users a positive user experience (UX). An enjoyable and successful experience increases the emotional connection to these products and motivates users to continue using them. Our approach to UX design and evaluation is based on a sound scientific model that takes user needs into account and results by design in positive emotions.   


Fraunhofer IAO maintains a User Experience Lab with state-of-the-art technology to support user workshops as well as all types of test and analysis situations. The equipment includes HD cameras, eye trackers to capture eye movements, lab software to record screen and camera images simultaneously, high-quality audio recordings and equipment for testing mobile devices. Various user situations at work, at home, or on the road can be simulated and tested in both the lab and at the customer’s site.