Digital Business Lab

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Discover innovative solutions and technologies

Digitalization and artificial intelligence can benefit many business processes and connected products. Our Digital Business Lab features a host of new solutions and technologies. Digital assistants, text comprehension, document processing, process mining, smart products and services – all this and more is there for you to see and grasp. Examples of data- and AI-driven platform solutions and ecosystems await your discovery, as do co-working projects and training on AI and data science.  

Our services at a glance. We

  • Provide strategic consulting and support for digital transformation processes
  • Design and deliver IT solutions
  • Develop solutions underpinned by artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Advise on software and IT platform selection
  • Assess and benchmark business models and IT processes

Focal points of our research

  • Digitalization strategies and solutions
  • Artificial intelligence and digital assistants
  • Big data and process automation
  • Cloud-based platforms, ecosystems and business models
  • Cognitive IT applications for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Corporate software and process optimization
  • IT for intelligent energy systems and e-mobility
  • Use of service platforms for smart cities