Responsible Research and Innovation

Business, science, government and society team up to innovate

Digital transformation and new technologies are fundamentally altering companies’ frameworks: innovation cycles are becoming shorter and customers’ expectations more varied. Technological transformation is closely intertwined with societal and cultural change. Companies need new forms of organization and new business models if they are to remain competitive. Digital transformation cannot merely be the sum of technological innovations; it also requires the active involvement of different players.

The Center for Responsible Research and Innovation CeRRI at Fraunhofer IAO tailors innovations to the needs of society. We identify societal trends and shifts before making it possible to exploit them for technological development and innovations at an early stage. We equip our customers with the right methods and the knowledge they need to actively make transformation a reality in accordance with their requirements. In addition, we help our customers’ workforces and managers prepare for the demands they must meet in the “4.0 world of work.” And develop new solutions for companies in collaborative processes of innovation. We leverage our expertise in organizational and management culture to successfully initiate and accompany corresponding processes of change. What’s more, we combine methods from economics and social sciences with design approaches. Thanks to our portfolio of methods, we can systematically analyze the past and present while helping to mold the future.

Our Responsible Research and Innovation Research Unit focuses on:

  • Corporate culture 4.0
  • Diversity and innovative capacity
  • Societal foresight
  • Acceptance of technology
  • Ideation processes and future labs
  • Co-design and design methods
  • Innovation of business models
  • Network and transfer strategies

The Responsible research and innovation Research Unit is organized in the following teams:


Corporate Culture and Transformation

This team identifies a company’s unique cultural aspects that can be fine-tuned to make processes of transformation succeed. It also studies an organization’s DNA to ensure tailored implementation.


Societal Trends and Technology

In the scope of collaborative processes of innovation, we combine trends in society with new technological opportunities. In addition, team members aim to develop and design sustainable solutions for tomorrow that will gain acceptance.


Design-based Strategies

Members of this team develop design-based methods and strategies for processes of innovation and transformation. They also assist organizations with the development of innovative solutions of tomorrow likely to be accepted by users.