Competence management in Manufacturing Activities


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Manufacturing companies in particular face the ongoing task of maintaining productivity, quality and flexibility, while fulfilling the innovation requirements of markets with an eye squarely on the future.

The systematic recording and ongoing promotion of individual and group-related staff competences has proven a reliable tool in helping consistently meet this aim. The CM ProWork software tool, which was developed specifically to analyze and evaluate decision-making competence in the field of industrial/manufacturing activities, is used to integrate all the production areas and, in particular, the target group of workers into the competence development strategies adopted by the company as a whole.

CM ProWork enables staff competences acquired in a work environment to be displayed on a task and process-specific basis. The multilingual design supports cross-business as well as international comparisons, enabling competence bottlenecks among workers, which could limit process stability and staff deployment flexibility, to be identified early on. Setting up this kind of systematic competence management also helps businesses rise to the challenges associated with the increasing integration of production workflows in transnational value-creation processes.