Service research award

Service Research Award
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Thomas Meiren receives CFSMI Award for his contribution to service engineering

On March 5, Thomas Meiren, service researcher and head of department at Fraunhofer IAO, was awarded the 2015 CFSMI Award in recognition of his success in researching and promoting new services. The Confederation for Services Management International made the presentation as part of the 87th AFSMI Chapter Meeting, which carried the title “Transformation of Organizations for Successful Solution Business”.

Competition in the services market has become more and more acute in recent years. Among the biggest challenges facing service providers are the pressure to continuously offer new or improved services while keeping one step ahead of the competition and simultaneously meeting customer requirements and expectations. Meiren’s research helps industry players develop and provide better services that are tailored to their customers.

R&D management improves services

Any service provider wishing to maintain or improve their position in the market has to manage their service sector research and development work effectively. In his article titled “R&D Management for Services,” which appeared in the book “Taking the Pulse of Economic Development” published by IAO scientists Dieter Spath and Walter Ganz, Meiren gives an overview of how service research and business practice dovetail with one another. He also presents practical solutions for improving the transfer of expertise in the service management field. It is this achievement that the Confederation for Services Management International recognized when it honored Meiren with the 2015 CFSMI Award.

With this award the judges also paid tribute to Meiren’s long-term cooperation with the Association for Services Management International and their educational and research center in Germany, to which he regularly contributes expertise gathered in his role as head of the Service Development Competence Team at Fraunhofer IAO and due to his research interest in new services development and design. Through numerous research and consulting projects, Meiren has already played a significant part in making the study of new services more commonplace in academic and industry circles. Also noteworthy is that he co-founded service engineering as a discipline.

CFSMI recognizes outstanding service professionals

The Confederation for Services Management International is a cross-border association for service managers in the high-tech service industry that interlinks the six national Associations for Services Management International (AFSMI) Chapters in Europe. Every year, the confederation presents the CFSMI Award in recognition of outstanding experts in the services field.