Manufacturing services 2022

manufacturing services 2022
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Fraunhofer IAO investigates trends and developments within the field of industrial services

Not only will providing services earn manufacturing companies more money, it will also give them the edge in terms of innovation. At least, that is what machine manufacturers and industry service providers expect to happen according to Fraunhofer IAO’s new study, "Manufacturing services 2022".

For manufacturing companies, providing technical services is already an important part of achieving improved sales and profits. At the same time, technical services are increasing in importance as the driving force behind a company’s ability to innovate: new services that cater to customers’ processes of value creation can boost innovation and competitiveness in the long term.

In October 2012, Fraunhofer IAO showcased new developments within the field of manufacturing services at MAINTAIN, the leading German trade fair for industrial maintenance. IAO researchers also took the opportunity to ask machine manufacturers and industry service providers about the significance of industrial services and possible future trends.

The results of this study suggest that in the future activities in the services sector will develop into a competition for knowledge and information. This involves obtaining new information about customers while marshaling the service knowledge companies already possess in-house.

Underlying all this is the rapidly increasing complexity of service activities, evident both in the machinery sector and in terms of service products and service-oriented business models. A majority of respondents even expect that money will increasingly be earned by making available process-specific information acquired from working with machines and other equipment.

The short "Manufacturing services 2022" study is now available for download free of charge.