Technology and Innovation Management

Strengthen innovation capabilities, develop technology strategies, enhance R&D performance

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Spotting trends, managing R&D, boosting innovation

We help companies to spot technology trends early on and to harness the potential of new technology for product innovation. Thanks to us, customers can quickly and efficiently measure the needs of the market against the opportunities opened up by new technologies, and integrate these into their own products and processes. To support them in this endeavor, we develop techniques and organizational solutions designed to improve and synchronize research, innovation and technology development processes.

Our key areas of research:

  • Developing and implementing innovation and technology strategy
  • Strategic R&D management
  • Identifying, evaluating and harnessing new technology
  • Managing IP and patents for new innovations
  • Developing IT-supported tools for technology management



BaKaRoS – a modular system for realizing optical systems

Photonics is a crosscutting technology for key topics such as autonomous driving, smart homes or robotics. Open innovation is helping drive completely new and creative approaches, especially in the field of light technology. The fundamental research question is: how can laypeople interested in technology work together with professional industrial developers on new ideas for light applications using a toolkit?


futureTEX – Open Innovation

How can open innovation (OI) be systematically integrated in the innovation process? In the futureTEX – Open Innovation project, Fraunhofer IAO is collaborating with research partners to develop methods and tools for the textile industry. The project aims to systematically identify new fields of application for textile materials and technologies and come up with new methods with which SMEs can assess their innovation potential and design transparent processes.