Responsible Research and Innovation

Unleash transdisciplinary potential for innovations, provide systematic support for transformation processes,develop business models based on societal requirements

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Tapping potential for innovations by examining multiple perspectives

Technical innovations have the potential to go hand in hand with social innovations – provided that humans perceive the future as something they can actively shape.

Our interdisciplinary team of design and social scientists makes future scenarios tangible and negotiable. We conceive new methods of knowledge transfer, co-creation and communication. Working with new constellations of actors, we tap into the diversity of relevant experiences, disciplines and industries, for example, to develop approaches that drive innovative capability. We also identify interfaces between disciplines and industries to leverage innovative potential and provide impetus for growth. Our expertise in the areas of organization and leadership culture enables us to perfectly tailor every analysis, which we then use as a springboard to initiate successful transformation and innovation processes that we support throughout.

We strive to gear future solutions towards the needs of society, in turn encouraging the rapid acceptance of emerging developments.

Our key areas of research:

  • Innovation and transformation processes
  • Organizational and corporate cultures
  • Science communication, co-creation and participatory foresight processes
  • Business models and societal impact
  • Transfer of knowledge and technology



Shaping Future: What people want for 2053

What relationship do we want with technology in the future? What technological support do we want for our work, our health, our mobility and our interpersonal relationships? These questions are at the heart of the “Shaping Future” research project.