Responsible Research and Innovation

Cross-disciplinary tapping of innovative potential | Systematic guidance on transformation processes | Developing societally minded business models

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Business, science, government and society team up to innovate

The Center for Responsible Research and Innovation CeRRI at Fraunhofer IAO develops new strategies and methods that enable specialists to follow a demand-oriented approach to research projects and innovation processes from day one. Responsible research and innovation is the ethical foundation of our work. This commitment means that we resolutely consider the needs of society when we research and innovate. In other words, we systematically examine societal implications, incorporate various perspectives and shape the future in cooperation with others. We therefore help translate research findings into innovations for all of society.

We regard the system of innovation as a quadruple helix: businesses, researchers, government authorities and society as a whole collaborate dynamically to create innovations and new knowledge. It is this transformation of the innovation system, away from unidirectional push-pull logic towards dynamic and diverse interaction, that we regard as an opportunity. In cooperation with players and stakeholders throughout the system of innovation, we develop widely accepted, demand-oriented solutions that will succeed in the long term.

Our key areas of research:

  • Processes of innovation and transformation
  • Transfer of knowledge and technology
  • Organizational and corporate cultures
  • Processes of strategy and foresight
  • Bidirectional communication of research
  • Co-creation and participatory processes
  • Business models and societal impact
  • Ethics and acceptance



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