Efficient collaboration

Effiziente Zusammenarbeit
Foto: Bernd Müller, © Fraunhofer IAO


Collaboration performance: providing the best results with tailored IT applications

A key factor in optimizing added value is ensuring efficient collaboration – both within your company as well as with customers and service partners. Using modern information and communication technologies, each party can share its knowledge and data with the others via servers, clouds, employee portals, microblogs, social media apps or unified messaging. This opens up ideal forms of collaboration among people who are not necessarily working in the same place or at the same time.

Fraunhofer IAO has years of experience in crafting integrated concepts and applications that promote effective teamwork – always dovetailing up-to-the-minute technological expertise with the latest social-scientific insights.

We help our customers to ...

  • select tailored applications for efficient collaboration,
  • promote broad acceptance by way of systematic inclusion,
  • seamlessly integrate new solutions into existing work processes, and
  • optimize application effects by redesigning workplaces and providing media training.

You already know that effective teamwork gives you a competitive advantage? Let’s talk about creating the ideal conditions!

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