Combining work and care

Verknüpfung von Arbeiten und Pflegen
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Mastering challenges of demographic change early on


One in ten working people also has to care for an elderly relative – and these numbers are increasing. The compound strain of working and caring for others has repercussions for employers: from employees taking more sick days to the temporary or permanent absence of key personnel and managers.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we have been researching how this increase in having to care for relatives is affecting the world of work since 2006. For the Work and Care 2020 innovation project, we are collaborating with industry partners and care providers for the senior citizens.

We provide employers with answers to pressing questions:

  • How can we ensure care in a form that allows employees to create a work-life balance while also meeting the needs of employers?
  • Which technological options support flexible industrial engineering?
  • How do we develop new, collaborative care concepts that bring together employers, caregiving relatives and professional care services?
  • What do caregivers look for in an employer?

If you’re an employer looking for new models that combine work and care, then get in touch with us!

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Showcase “Care 2020”

Real-life application scenarios demonstrate how senior citizens can lead the kind of social life they want and remain safe, despite limitations imposed by their health.


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Innovation network

Arbeiten & Pflegen 2020

Die Innovationsoffensive entwickelt gemeinsam mit interessierten Unternehmen Strategien und Konzepte für

  • die Pflege der Zukunft sowie
  • die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Pflege.