Virtual reality for planning support

Virtual Reality zur Planungsunterstützung
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More effective planning for cities, buildings and transportation concepts

Planning processes are complex, with a lot of hidden potential for errors and misunderstandings. Modern 3D visualization systems are a way to improve both communication and safety, with city planners, project developers, architects, building contractors and transportation experts all benefiting from the possibilities unlocked by this sort of virtual rendering.

Fraunhofer IAO possesses state-of-the-art presentation environments that enable detailed and full-scale real-time visualizations. Among other things, these 3D virtual spaces make it possible to

  • optimize construction processes using Building Information Modeling (BIM),
  • visualize innovative city district concepts,
  • perform architectural visualizations,
  • tour virtual buildings and plan interior installations,
  • simulate transport projects, and
  • map noise or particulate matter pollution in cities.

Virtual reality can also be used to communicate with the public and show them the plans for city development or transport projects.

We help our clients by

  • developing individualized visualizations,
  • assisting in the optimization of work processes,
  • holding planning meetings, and
  • collaborating in the implementation of ideas.

Do you want 3D visualizations to help in your planning? Make the most of our infrastructure and expertise!

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Immersive Engineering Lab

The Immersive Engineering Lab is a modern working and presentation environment that allows immersive 3D displays for realistic, detailed, accurately rendered real-time visualization. Furthermore, the laboratory’s large media wall means it is ideally equipped for collaborative, multimedia work sessions.