Urban crisis management

Urbanes Krisenmanagement
© Jürgen Fälchle – Fotolia/Fraunhofer IAO


What can we do to make cities more resilient?

When a city is hit by a natural disaster, major incident or terrorist attack, it’s often the rescue plans and infrastructure, the information and communication processes that make the difference between life and death. Effective crisis management also protects property, keeps businesses running and maintains public order.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we help public authorities, rescue services, companies and IT providers to prepare their response to crisis situations in their city or region before they occur. This means drawing up clearly defined processes and information management, and selecting and implementing the right crisis response technologies.

We draw on the experience gained from numerous projects to

  • consider city development from a resilience standpoint and generate perspective-specific concepts,
  • think in advance about the information process in crisis situations and how best to plan for it,
  • develop modeling and simulation platforms used to train for crisis situations and to test crisis response tools,
  • optimize the collaboration between aid organizations and companies based on relevant know-how such as geo-information systems, and
  • establish methods that productively involve volunteers in crisis management.

Do you want to prepare for a crisis situation? Let’s plan ahead together!