Sharing models

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Use, don’t own: added value for industry and the public sector alike

Sharing infrastructure, resources and facilities cuts costs and gives sustainability management a boost. In cities in particular, the service industry, manufacturing companies, the public sector and research institutions could benefit from models that allow for collaboration and cooperation.

At Fraunhofer IAO we research and develop economically and ecologically beneficial sharing models for B2B and B2C. Some of our solutions are for mobile infrastructure with short-cycle usage patterns, such as tools, information technology and vehicles. However, we also devise ways for sharing immobile infrastructure such as work environments or production facilities.

The services we offer our clients include

  • determining the potential of specific sharing models,
  • developing tailored concepts,
  • identifying the necessary infrastructure and technology, and
  • assisting in the implementation.

Sharing solutions cut costs and portray a forward-looking image.

How could you benefit from the sharing economy? Let’s find out together!

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