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Business areas and cooperation models for the city of the future

Cities are lucrative places for industry and commerce: More and more people live in urban environments and are demanding new products and solutions. Sustainable construction, consumer goods, energy and security are just some of the areas in which there is a demand for innovative products and services.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we help companies to identify viable business areas early on and support municipalities in creating smart city strategies. There are fruitful synergies to be harnessed in our national and international networks, which bring together companies, municipalities and Fraunhofer Institutes.

The services we offer our customers include

  • monitoring global trends and developments to support their technology management,
  • identifying and evaluating city-specific requirements and action points,
  • developing new collaboration models between municipalities and companies,
  • designing development and implementation concepts, and
  • recommending innovations and business models that allow for sustainable value creation.

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Further information


Innovation network

Morgenstadt initiative

In the Morgenstadt initiative, the Fraunhofer Society is developing the solutions for the city of the future together with partners from industry and municipalities.


Innovation network

FUCON 4.0 - Forschen für das Bauen der Zukunft

Im Innovationsnetzwerk FUCON 4.0 entwickelt das Fraunhofer IAO gemeinsam mit den Partnerunterunternehmen Methoden und Strategien für eine effizientere und zukunftsorientierte Wertschöpfungskette Bau. Als Basis dienen wissenschaftliche Studien, Trendanalysen und Best-Practice Untersuchungen.