People and the city

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Solutions for the cities of the future

According to the United Nations (UN), in 2030 over 60 percent of the world’s population will live in cities – and the number is constantly increasing. Urbanization is a mega trend that means big challenges and big opportunities both for people and the environment.

Innovative concepts for the cities of the future represent a major future market.

Fraunhofer IAO understands cities as complex and holistic systems. Urban processes are becoming increasingly connected and tightly interwoven – not least due to digitization.

Together with forward-looking stakeholders, Fraunhofer IAO develops system innovations that range from

  • city-wide transformation processes and
  • new home and work concepts to
  • solutions that address mobility,
  • urban governance and
  • demographic change.

The aim is to realize a sustainable, resilient city of the future designed for the benefit of the people living in it.



Urban crisis management

Crisis management has to start before a crisis does. This is why Fraunhofer IAO helps prepare rescue services, public authorities, companies and IT providers for crisis situations before the pressure is really on. Drawing on a variety of analyses and processes, we highlight various aspects of crisis management so our customers can properly prepare themselves to cope with potential dangers.


Future market: City

Urbanization means big opportunities for industry. The challenge facing companies is to identify and design innovations for the city of the future. With its dynamic team and an international network, Fraunhofer IAO is well placed to steer companies toward the right technologies.


Sharing models

Sharing models help cut costs and increase sustainability. At Fraunhofer IAO, we research and develop B2B and B2C sharing models that have economic and ecological appeal – for mobile infrastructures such as vehicles or IT and for static infrastructures such as work environments or manufacturing facilities.


District concepts

Sustainable urban development dovetails home, work and play – in other words, it combines economic appeal with a high quality of life and social sustainability. Fraunhofer IAO offers cities and communities the benefit of its wide-ranging experience at the interface between technology management, sustainability strategies and communal development.


Virtual reality for planning support

Thanks to virtual rendering, modern 3D visualization systems make it easier to plan reliable concepts for cities, buildings and traffic flow. Using real-time visualizations that are true to detail and scale, we offer companies the chance to optimize their processes and to solve potential problems early on.


Care concepts for the elderly

Demographic change highlights the importance of new care concepts that offer older people autonomy, mobility and guaranteed care – in other words, a better quality of life. Tapping into modern technologies and services makes it possible to design districts that match older people’s needs and lifestyles.