Services development

Foto: Ludmilla Parsyak, © Fraunhofer IAO


How to turn a brilliant idea into a successful service

Wherever you find people at work, you will find new ideas constantly being created. But which ones have the potential to be developed into a competitive service?

At Fraunhofer IAO, we offer our clients practical, in-depth assistance to help them systematically open up new markets from their internal idea pools. We

  • identify suitable ideas that could be developed into services,
  • determine customer and employee requirements,
  • draw up detailed concepts,
  • develop test scenarios and test out services,
  • support companies as they launch services on the market and
  • design service development processes.

In service engineering here at Fraunhofer IAO, we draw on many years of experience in various sectors as well as extensive technical and methodological expertise to develop services.

We use a virtual environment to simulate ideas for services at an early stage. ServLab, the world's first laboratory for developing and testing services, provides a scientific framework in which to do so. Promising ideas are put through their paces well before market launch. Taking this approach allows us to uncover potential, define service designs and avoid costly planning errors.

Are you thinking about developing new services for your company? Talk to our in-house experts!

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The ServLab offers solutions for various important objectives and tasks in the field of service, thereby facilitating an integrated analysis of people, technology and organization as well as the customer focus. As a holistic platform, the ServLab is not only used to develop and design new and innovative services, but also offers a wide range of modern methods, techniques and technologies for testing, modelling and simulating these services in a realistic context.