Service technician training

Qualifizierung von Service-Technikern
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Providing competent service is the key to improved customer satisfaction

Employees who deal directly with customers are an outward expression of the company’s competence and ability to deliver results. At the same time, they must manage a challenging mix of complex service products, new technologies and demanding customer business processes.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we develop customized, practical training concepts for our clients, with content based on current scientific and methodological findings. This approach achieves demonstrably better results than conventional training programs.

We support our clients by

  • developing training content with a strong emphasis on practical application,
  • modifying teaching methods to suit individual needs,
  • integrating innovative forms of learning such as virtual reality, game-based learning and social media elements into the training process,
  • providing independent advice not tied to any specific vendor during the selection of information and communication media and
  • integrating training systems into company change processes.

We help companies as they take steps to focus more on sales, and sharpen their employees’ understanding both of their own service processes and of customer requirements. Our clients benefit from our extensive methodological expertise and many years of experience, particularly in the technology sectors.

What new skills do your service technicians require? We look forward to talking to you!