Optimization of service processes

Dienstleistungsprozesse optimieren
Foto: Ludmilla Parsyak, © Fraunhofer IAO


How service process management can become a success factor

Efficient processes benefit companies in many ways; for example, they increase productivity and improve customer and employee satisfaction. This also applies to companies with a strong focus on services. If they are to manage these services effectively, they first and foremost need clear processes.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we make service processes visible and show how they can be improved. We

  • identify the requirements of service processes, considering various perspectives,
  • document the current status,
  • map the path to the desired target status,
  • define appropriate KPIs and
  • develop ways to make the processes analyzed more efficient and steps for optimizing service management.

We work together with you to redesign service process management and help you to put it into practice. Our extensive experience in industry ranges from mechanical and plant engineering to the retail and public sectors, resulting in a knowledge advantage that gives you an important competitive edge.

Do you want to optimize your service processes? Contact our in-house experts!

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The ServLab offers solutions for various important objectives and tasks in the field of service, thereby facilitating an integrated analysis of people, technology and organization as well as the customer focus. As a holistic platform, the ServLab is not only used to develop and design new and innovative services, but also offers a wide range of modern methods, techniques and technologies for testing, modelling and simulating these services in a realistic context.