Market research on services

Marktforschung für Dienstleistungen
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How benchmarking helps companies position themselves on the market

Businesses have to know what customers really think, which direction market developments are moving in and how that impacts their own service portfolio. This knowledge gives them planning security, provides a sound footing for strategic business decisions and secures their competitive position.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we offer our clients customized solutions, not off-the-rack market research. Together we select the right course of action, a suitable framework and the appropriate methods. This gives our clients a solid set of data to work with and usable results – all within a reasonable budget.

We have been carrying out studies and surveys on behalf of numerous service providers and scientific institutions for years. We apply this wealth of experience and know-how to

  • market analysis,
  • customer surveys,
  • trend analysis,
  • SWOT analysis and
  • employee surveys.

We conduct our investigations promptly, provide reliable evaluations and prepare results as agreed with the client.

Want to know exactly what’s going on? Let’s work together to find out!